23 thoughts on “Highlights of the week that Was 2/23/20

  1. The food…omg, the food!
    And well, all of it. What a wonderful weekend! I remember being in SF with my daughter and seeing trailers lined up like that. No glimpses of anyone famous, but I was still easily impressed 😉

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  2. I like this idea of photos from your week, and yours are varied and interesting. Mine would be similar from week to week, as I mainly take pictures on my bike rides of the lake and my son. Yesterday Okanagan lake was like glass, and very reflective.

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    1. I like all pictures! I do shake up my weeks though. My constants are things like the gym, cooking, writing…but the other stuff varies week to week!


    1. The project was labeled untitled…which means it’s either really high profile, or really low profile! My guess would be a pilot because I think they’re shooting pilots now

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    1. The sundae was I think peach raspberry gelato with graham crackers, some sort of fruit drizzle. The place makes gelato and it’s pretty insane! And no…my niece has never had real deli so we had to take her! She loved the pastrami! Van Gogh is just….incredible! One of my fave paintings ever!

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      1. If you’re ever in nyc…panna notte on Irving…so good……though moma just did a Reno…I don’t like where they put starry night….not enough room to view

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