Look at today’s date… you know I love symmetry…

This was a pretty good week- the worst thing that happened to me was that my hair looked awesome yesterday but then I had to put on a hat because I was cold… thus ruining the effect of my good blow out…

On another note- I have one of those five year journals- the same thing bothering me a year ago is still bothering me today- so this week I’m taking care of that situation…

But anyway…

My sister and niece came to the tri state area this week. I was supposed to see them the other day but my niece came down with the flu. Yesterday her fever broke so finally I get to see them today!

I am grateful that my niece is feeling better and we finally get to have an outing!!


33 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 02/22/20

  1. Grateful for symmetry. 5 year journals. You are dedicated. I think often of throwing mine away. Sometimes with time, the problem will resolve itself and then you don’t want to remember who or what the problem was about.

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      1. Smart to take a break. I have cut back when I really sick. I couldn’t talk about dialysis, it was too personal, and I didn’t want attention for being sick.
        I am appreciative to the bloggers who comment, as you get to know them a little, and I feel like I would like them in personal as well.

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      2. You do what moves you…there are things you can write about easily, and stuff that you don’t want to share. Either way is fine…


  2. So you like symmetry? I got one for you. I was born the 7th day of the 7th month, weighing in at 7lbs/14oz/21in long. 7×1=7 7×2=14 7×3=21. Only thing that threw it off was me being born at 8. If like to think I was born for a reason. Maybe reaching out to people through my writing, hell idk. I thought you might like that though. If you like symmetry.


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