This week has been about love…sort of. So I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the greatest love of all: the love for my fitbit…

My daughter got me a new fitbit for Christmas. I used to have one, and then it broke. And then I got a jawbone and that company went out of business. So I went some time without tracking my steps…

But now I’m back. And obsessively going over all the numbers it spews out. Therefore, I am most grateful this week for the sleep score section on the Fitbit breakdown!

If you wear your fitbit to bed it gives you a breakdown of how well you slept. When I got the device back in December, my sleep score was in the 70’s, which is fair….


So being the stats crazy, competitive person that I am, I set out to conquer the sleep score. I wanted to do better.

So I would look at my data, and think about what I did right on the nights I got a “good” score and what I did wrong when I had a “fair” score. I eliminated some things, added others, and finally…my Thursday to Friday sleep pattern hit 90- which is EXCELLENT.

If only I could wear a bracelet that would help me reach my goals in everything else…


49 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 2/15/20

    1. I am obsessed with tracking things now! Though the competitive me takes over…I though my resting heart rate if 70 was good, until my neighbor told me hers was 60….so now I’m trying to get there….😆


  1. My Fitbit is awesome!!! Have been using sleep score for a couple of years now. My lowest sleep score was 48 and my highest 88. I attribute the improvement to less night sweats/hot flashes!!! (thank god the watch is water prove lol). Congratulations on your excellent score!!!

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  2. Thats funny! I got an Apple Watch for xmas – and really enjoy it. Though I wonder if it is making me toooo connected. I like how it tracks my workouts – and it’s so easy to use. I will have to see if it has a sleep tracker on it – pretty sure I am not using all the features.

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    1. My daughter has an Apple Watch and there is a sleep mode…wait…she said downloaded an app to her iPhone called sleep watch….you’re lucky she’s home for the weekend…

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  3. I went through three fitbits before my husband said “enough!” and bought me an iPhone. I track my steps with it, but I don’t wear it to bed because it needs charging more often than the Fitbit did.

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  4. I love my charge 3. I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks. I love watching my heart rate. I’m amazed at how it can track it. I am definately more mindful of my thoughts and temper. When my heartrate is up I know I need to calm down!

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  5. I love my fitbit and it has served me well. I’ve had three in the past five years. I wear stuff hard so of course, this one is reaching its golden years. I’ve already made the decision I am going without once it’s gone. At least for a while. So I am making it my goal to make its final time here so worth it by trying to double my daily step goal as often as possible.

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  6. Awesome that you are sleeping better! Can I ask what you did? My son has had a chronic problem with sleeping and the fitbit shows that he is getting very little of deep sleep. He got his at Christmas.

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  7. Okay. I have to do my family duty and say… you really should have a Garmin, they are so much better! lol! (Sorry, family ties) I had my last one for about 5 years before we decided to upgrade and my current one for only a little over a year. The biggest problem I ever had with my first one was that I had to replace the battery and I was hard on the bands. I always get several bands as I like to switch them out every once in a while, but not all versions allow you to do that (and why I won’t ever buy any device that doesn’t allow it). I’m not at all good at really using mine, at least over the winter.

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      1. I’m not completely familiar with what the FitBit offers, but since Garmin tends to target the more hardcore athletes, some of their devices track some of the craziest stuff. I have a more basic tracker, but there are pieces to what that tracks that I really enjoy and help to keep me honest with myself. I’d be all over their higher end devices if I were really into fitness. Or really into just the stats and the metrics of everything those things track.

        I do wear mine all the time, I just don’t always pay attention to the results. That may need to change soon, though.

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      2. I have a basic model. I keep track of steps and heart rate and sleep. I think when I get my next one I will do the most advanced model. I’m sort of into the stats

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