29 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week That Was 2/9/20

  1. I looked up two of these…Dear Edward is now on my To Read list – thanks for the rec. And the Grolier Club. What a find…free to visit, too! That great advantage of living in a culture capital…
    Have a happy rest of the weekend.


    1. I think they seeded it or something, and I’m guessing they don’t want people walking on it. It’s at Washington square park and I e never seen a sign like that before so I thought it was pretty funny

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  2. I love ee cummings, that SLICE, and of course that chocolate . . all dressed up with somewhere to go. I don’t know if you have already, but you can Google the steps for drying a glass decanter, seeing as how the grooves will keep the moisture locked in, it takes some patience.

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    1. The decanter thing proved to be a daunting task…I texted my friend for solutions. I ended up stuffing paper towels in it, which dried it, but now the decanter is on my shelf filled with paper towels…but I needed a project for next week…

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  3. Love the vision book. I have one for full moon dreamboards that I will be adding to tonight! I like a thicker crusted pizza myself but ooohhh chocolate and caramel is my absolute favorite! Nice week. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Two chocolate pictures. 😊 Your week was so different from mine, which is not surprising, but my week was focused on 2 things: snow and presenting about books to children on Wednesday and teachers / librarians on Friday.
    I like the idea of doing a week in review.

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