Something that has actual existence: an actual occurrence

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 fact
  2.  It was Super Bowl LIV fact
  3. The game was played in Miami fact
  4. Patrick Mahomes was the MVP fact
  5.  The halftime show was performed by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira fact

Now until there’s some sort of sign stealing fiasco, or whatever, these five things will never change. 200 years from now, these things will still be factually correct. They have existence. They actually occurred.

We learned yesterday what an opinion is, or how it is defined.

See the difference?

My blog, the overwhelming majority of the time, is my opinion. I may use anecdotes, stories that I see or hear, but at the end of the day, I write them so you either know my opinion, or I’ve done the best possible job I can of exploring both sides.

Everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

The thing I like most about blogging (versus a static article) is the ability to throw out ideas and discuss. Opinions are not wrong: they are the belief of the person stating them. You don’t have to agree with an opinion: but you need to respect it.

Of course you can argue with someone about their opinion. Hello? Have you met me? I live to debate topics back and forth. I will often make a provocative statement just to see what the opposite side is.

The only way to truly learn, to truly grasp something is to look at all 8 million sides of an issue. What is the opposite opinion? What is the opinion 40 degrees off? What does someone in a different part of the country think? Different part of the world? Everyone views things differently based on their life experiences. We can’t tell someone their opinion is wrong because we haven’t lived their life.

Which is why we need to be real careful about making sure we know the difference between fact and opinion.

We need to really look at how we phrase an opinion.

When people speak/write they automatically assume they are right. I am totally guilty of this- I really think I’m correct most of the time. But just because I am like this doesn’t mean I should be like this: I am clearly not right about things the vast majority of the time. I’m more the broken clock that is right twice in a day…

When we speak, we must be cognizant that what we are saying the vast majority of the time are OPINIONS. We don’t usually venture into casual conversations armed with facts. And just because we utter some words, say things that we feel strongly about, it doesn’t mean they are facts. It doesn’t mean that everyone needs to share that one singular opinion…

We don’t want to be wrong, so we assume that what we say is right. Therefore, if we are right, then it must be a fact.

We assume that our opinions are fact.

This is a dangerous game, to make blanket statements about anything and think that there is no other option.

So when you are talking, or blogging, or whatever, remember that you are sharing your opinion. And other people are allowed to think differently. And that is all OK.

19 thoughts on “Fact

  1. [Ah ha! It works now. A fact.]

    As for what I was going to say… I agree that many people don’t distinguish between opinion and fact. I find it frustrating, but sometimes wonder if the person who I’m talking with is being willfully ignorant just so they don’t have to think critically about something. Opinions can be a kind of avoidance, you know.

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  2. I was raised by parents who were “always right”, according to them, my father more so because it was that traditional household kinda vibe going on. But as I got older, I took the experience into account when forging my own opinions because I didn’t want to sound like them.

    As for your top five list at the top . . there are plenty of sports fans who would claim that Mahomes as the MVP is an opinion, LOL.

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  3. Great info!!! I used to be argumentative when I was younger. The statement, “if you can’t be right, be wrong at the top of your voice” comes to mind. I have greatly mellowed with age and life experiences, good and bad. I still like to be right, but I have learned that my opinions are not always fact and they are just opinions. I honestly enjoy hearing other people’s sides these days and have even changes my opinion on a thing or two. Good post!!

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  4. My son once had an English teacher that when they were studying poetry, he stated that he didn’t like it. She proceeded to tell him that he was wrong. Now I don’t know if he was asked for his opinion or just volunteered it (sounds like him), but nevertheless it could not be wrong and it was a fact.

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  5. Agreed! The phrases I try to use most in my own blog post are “I believe” and “I think.” Because I’m writing my opinions, not stating facts. Nothing annoys me more than people who, loudly and frequently, proclaim their opinions as absolute fact. Except perhaps those who seek to silence dissenting voices….that’s the worst!

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