Opinion: a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge

We can thank for Google for this concise definition.

I didn’t like the show: opinion.

I loved the show: opinion

Boring: opinion

Outrageous: opinion

People who didn’t like the show don’t like Latinas: opinion, well yes. It is clearly an opinion. Is it also labeling? Making a very generalized statement? Trying to divide people into groups?

A show like that reinforces women as sexual being only: opinion, but, are you framing this is such a way that you are making someone who feels opposite that they are wrong? And while I’m guessing there has been some study done to prove this is an actual fact…

A show like that shows that women are strong and empowered: opinion, but sort of like the previous example, how are you phrasing it. And, I’m betting there is some sort of study that proves that this is correct

So can we say that there might be studies that “prove” that polar opposites are simultaneously true?

The show was immoral: opinion- everyone is allowed to have their own internal code of morality, and we shouldn’t judge someone else’s morals- we’re not in their head

I’m glad my kids didn’t watch the show: opinion- everyone gets to decide what content they would prefer their kids reading/watching. Again, everyone has a different value system. I don’t tell people how to parent. OK I do, but I shouldn’t. (but don’t think I’m stopping- you’ll get another parental lecture eventually)

The people who thought the show was wrong are righteous Christians. opinion, sure. But is it right to throw a whole religion under the bus because they don’t like scantily clad costumes? And to be fair- can you think of any other religion that has a dress code and might think that the content was inappropriate? I mean really think about that…and then play my favorite game and replace Christian with another word…

How am I supposed to feel about myself at 50 after I look at JLO: opinion- but body dysmorphia doesn’t only affect pre teen girls- it affects everyone to a certain degree. Now, I say to any woman who looks that good at 50 rock on. But remember- the job of an entertainer is to look good. Their JOB- trainers, dieticians, enhancements- their JOB

Let’s get off this particular line of thought for a second and think about something else I heard: I have a few guy friends, and let’s just say they represent varied ethnic groups. Some of these guys said that even if they liked the show, they would not admit it because they didn’t want to be seen as someone who is interested in sequined women dancing on poles. They didn’t want to be classified under men who don’t value women for their intellect, only their sex appeal.

I still haven’t watch the halftime show. I saw a picture or three of the entertainers, which were fine, But to be fair, I don’t like the halftime show, ever. I think they’re overhyped and overworked. ALL OF THEM.

So- not liking the half time show makes me______________. If you were going to write a blog about my dislike for the show in general, what words would you call me? How would you label me? What group would you throw under the bus to describe me?

What is your opinion of me and my not liking half time shows?


54 thoughts on “Opinion

  1. Perhaps you are a person who simply finds no value or reason behind combining a sporting event with Hollywood type glamour and glitz?
    I am a person who finds no value in even watching the overly hyped sporting event in the first place. Adding all the other stuff makes it even less appealing…to me, but then that’s just my opinion 😉

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    1. I think the whole thing is a joke….the hype, the ads, the game , the show. But there are a lot of things people will say about my not watching. Do you know I once had a reader stop following me because I said I didn’t care about football playoffs? So, yeah…no one has to read me, but is it fair to call me elitist because I don’t follow football?


      1. I think there has to be a reason people throw themselves behind an ideal, rather it be sports, a quasi-leader or figure-head, a religion…
        When that ideal becomes everything and you can no longer see or accept anyone or anything as having value or legitimacy then there’s a problem that likely runs pretty deep.

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  2. Well written! My opinions actually vacillate back and forth which is why I typically don’t share them on social media. I’d rather have a face-to-face talk and hear someone else’s opinions and the reasons that they feel the way they do. We are all a product of our experiences, culture, and belief system. If we can respect that each of us will have different opinions, and be civil enough to discuss them, we could all learn a great deal from each other.

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    1. I don’t share my political views except face to face. But there are times when I how extreme people’s reactions are to things, and I wonder if they have any idea what they’re doing/saying. And thanks!

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  3. I’m completely indifferent to you not liking any half-time show. I figure that there are plenty of other things to dislike someone for besides her opinion about what entertains her. I mean, really people– get over yourselves.

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  4. It’s like everything else on TV..including the “news”..they have to keep pushing boundaries and provoking viewers to stay relevant- TO BE OUTRAGEOUS- to create buzz – to keep us talking..which is why I (like you) don’t (and didn’t) watch.. ZERO INTEREST.

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  5. You are right, opinions can be labels, I think there are times when people state their opinions as facts and that is the problem. I don’t agree with the hype of a half-time show as I want to watch the game, but that being said I think my favorite in the past was Prince.

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  6. I like how you laid this out. And I don’t think over generalizations by anyone gets anywhere. As an attorney, we come upon distinguishing fact and opinion in defamation law. Many people I’ve seen trying to talk about defamation, or accusing others of committing it, get it completely wrong. There are many elements you have to prove in those cases, one of which is that the libelous publication or slanderous statement is a fact that can be proven or disproven. And putting the words “In my opinion” before a statement doesn’t actually turn the statement into an opinion. 🙂 Fun stuff. I’m sure many of the people stating the examples you gave think they are stating facts, when they are just opinions. How about this opinion? I don’t care that much for sports. I think this entire industry is given too much importance and the wealth involved is obscene. There are far greater priorities. Especially in a society where people are homeless, malnourished, and lack access to health care. Just my opinion 🙂

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    1. In my opinion….😉 way too much energy is spent on things that don’t matter all that much. I like sports, I like the team concept…I don’t mind watching…but it’s all become spectacle. And though I may be spectacular, I don’t like spectacles


  7. , this is excellent! My opinion of you is that I give two thumbs up for writing a blog post that helps people explore their opinions and how they aren’t facts. My spiritual mentor says, Opinions are like noses, everyone’s got one. 🙂 The group on forgiveness is going great, by the way. Let’s hop on a call by Zoom and catch up soon! With love, Debbie
    ps I hope your daughter is doing great at her second semester.

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  8. I have no opinion about you and whether or not you watched or liked or hated something on television. Seriously. I do not watch TV as a rule (we don’t get reception at our house and wouldn’t pay for it – what do you think of that? Oh, never mind – doesn’t matter, does it?)

    BUT, one time I did happen to catch Prince performing “Purple Rain” during a half-time show – in a downpour. Can’t figure out how he kept from getting electrocuted. That was rather impressive, especially balanced on those shoes of his.

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  9. Honestly, I don’t think anything of you not liking or liking the half time shows. My opinion of you rests on your character, your kindness and you as a whole. Which I will say in my humble opinion – you’re terrific and I like you a lot! 🙂
    I have seen and heard people debate and get so angry over the halftime show. People for it and vehemently against it. I think people just like to argue these days. It makes them feel heard and they’ll argue about most anything.
    Personally I haven’t the time nor the inclination to get down and dirty in the fray.

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    1. I’m debating between two ideas to write about today…I may go with the fact one…because yeah…the problem is, people want to think everything they say is right (including me) and therefore, the only way you can think, so if they have a thought it must be right and therefore it must be fact…. see…now you’re getting an inside look into how I start writing my blog….

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