I didn’t watch the Superbowl

I didn’t watch the commercials

I didn’t watch the half time show

Cut to three days later:

I haven’t seen any of the commercials

I don’t know the final score or super bowl MVP. I barely know who won the game…

But boy have I heard about the halftime show….

In no particular order, here are some things I learned about the halftime show via, Facebook, blogs, and general news media:

  1. It was best half time show ever
  2. It was worst halftime show ever
  3. It was average
  4. Men thought it was boring
  5. Men thought it was awesome
  6. Women thought it was boring
  7. Women thought it embodied female empowerment
  8. Women thought it was exploitive of women
  9. Women said that’s what I want to look like when I’m 50
  10. Women said what happened to Blanche of the Golden Girls being an example of a sexy 50 year old
  11. Women thought it was bad for self esteem for women to think they must aspire to look like Jennifer Lopez at 50
  12. Me Too thought it was wonderful that women could express themselves like that
  13. Me too thought it was the worst thing for womenkind ever because it reinforced that women are only supposed to be sex objects
  14. The people who didn’t like the show are jealous of Latinas
  15. The people who didn’t like the show are too Christian
  16. The people who didn’t like the show are uptight
  17. The people who liked the show are deranged
  18. The people who liked the show are immoral
  19. It was a show that should never have been shown with a young audience watching
  20. Kids thought the show was great
  21. Some thought it was too racy
  22. Some thought it was the right amount of racy
  23. Some thought it was not racy enough…


I didn’t watch the show: which of these headlines (and trust me there were many more, and just as diverse as these) am I to believe?

Though I will say, it’s good to see that everyone is invested in something really important…


81 thoughts on “The Show

  1. I didn’t watch it, either, despite the winning team having been from just down the road (Midwesternly-speaking). But it threw me for a loop when I read that J-Lo is 50 and Shakira is 43.

    And for what it’s worth, I think both women have enough star power that they can wear whatever they want for a show, and if they’re good with wearing a collection of sequins, then more power to them.

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    1. I think the athletes deserve credit for the amount of practice they put towards the whole season. The performers for orchestrating all the parts of a show. And the people who worked on the ads for trying to go out of the box. Cheers to the hard work, dedication and ability to do what they love, in a way appropriate for them

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  2. My favorite line in this post is the last one. We do tend to make things important that really are so trivial. I did not watch any of it either. I never do. HOWEVER, I did see the commercial with Jason Mamoa – that was funny (people were sharing it on social media).

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  3. Maddening, isn’t it. I keep picturing JLo focussing all her time on her body image in order to appease to whatever audience is out there so much so that she will never have time to fold laundry, cook meals, grocery shop or, I don’t know, schlep a kid tp practice…oh wait. She has staff for that. 😉😂

    It’s a different life these performers live. I don’t aspire to look like her. And I agree with you, the amount of energy to dissect the half-time show borders on ridiculous…


  4. One thing my Spanish conversation class agreed on was that it was nice to hear some Spanish coming from the performers, particularly since they were in Miami, which has a large Latino population. Oh, and that Shakira was unbelievably flexible…

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  5. I read a little more about the halftime show. I think entertainers should entertain and keep to their craft as this is what they attract money and acclaim. Anything else, and I feel someone else is pulling their strings.

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  6. I didn’t like the half-time show. I didn’t think it was appropriate for all ages (meaning I am glad my 12 year old son didn’t watch it.) I wasn’t impressed with any of the commercials either. But the game itself was great!!

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  7. I was in a room full of people watching the game but I was not rooting for the team they were rooting for, did not think the halftime show was anything spectacular and mostly just colored my way through the whole ordeal. The only commercial I really remember is the Google one where the old man is telling Google to remember…because I had read about it before the show and that it is a true story based on the 85-year-old grandfather of a Google employee. Touching, but didn’t make me cry. Can’t wait for baseball.

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  8. I don’t typically watch NFL football because the league is riddled with violent men who have dozens of domestic abuse felony charges plus animal abuse. And don’t get me started on the cheerleaders who are underpaid, mistreated, and wear costumes that are more revealing than J-Lo and Shakira. Ironically, I watched much of the game and the halftime show.

    IMO, If you let your children watch the game and complain about the halftime show, you’re a hypocrite.
    If you complain louder about a performance by strong Latina women than you do about children in cages, you’re a hypocrite.
    If you support the admitted pussy grabber rapist who doesn’t believe no-means-no, but you think the halftime show is ruining an American pastime … Yep, you’re a hypocrite.
    I have a very strong connection to the Latinx community and there is overwhelming support of the message and the performance. My only complaint is with a few of the camera angles, but the overall show was impressive.
    I obviously have a strong opinion on this based on a few days thinking about it. And no, it’s not the most important thing happening in our country right now, but after last night’s lie-filled speech and today’s disgraceful vote, it’s nice to have something else to think about.

    And as others mentioned, great last line.

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  9. I didn’t watch either, the game, the commercials or the half-time show. I got snippets of it on the news the next night, including rave reviews about her ten year old daughter being on stage. I have mixed opinions on that, ie role models or not? as I’ve blogged recently about the focus being on skimpy costumes for women as opposed to the music for men, but I’m sure there are many different opinions.

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  10. I watched bits and pieces of the game because hubby was watching it. Also, quietly I am a Kansas City Chief fan (they have heart). I thought about watching the halftime show because I do like Jennifer Lopez, but I was busy writing at the time.

    Usually I’m more like you, not really caring at all about football. Truth is I’m not all that excited about any team sport.

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      1. I watched it last night. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. I definitely would have been better off NOT seeing it. Not because of the pole dancers but because the lip singing was really terrible! Can’t sing and dance like that at the same time. Something gets lost.

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  11. LOL Great post. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl either. But I never watch that show. Don’t care for football. lol And just for the record, I’ve heard about other half-time shows in the past, and apparently some were great and others were horrible. I don’t care for any of it. So there you go. It’s not very important to me. LOL

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  12. To be honest, I haven’t seen a super bowl halftime show I’ve liked in a long time, if ever. It always seems like an enormous amount of money and energy resulting in a very mediocre show. I did watch this year, at a sports bar while dining with my husband. Judging from the reaction of the tables around us, the men liked the show, a lot. And not because they thought it empowered women, they were responding to the sex appeal of the dancing and costumes. My personal opinion was that it was basically tasteless and sort of reinforced the idea that the biggest thing women have to offer is a “hot body” and the willingness to flaunt it. It might have been the mood I was in, but I honestly just thought, “I wish we could see a show that featured dancing that didn’t rely on the exact same moves that we’d see in a strip club.” There’s nothing wrong with sexy dancing, it has a time and a place. But I don’t really think a half time show is either. Just my opinion, I know others loved it!

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    1. I’ve heard opinions all over the place. I think it is so overhyped, this year, as well as every other year. And I don’t know what the end result is supposed to be…know matter what they do, some will love it, some will find it average, and others will hate it…

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  13. I do enjoy the Super Bowl and it was particularly good this year because of the Chiefs. Tired of seeing the Patriots every year. I also watched the halftime show and thought it was a bit overdone but I haven’t ever really enjoyed these shows. But like with all sports, every bit will be over analyzed. I’m appalled that people (mostly men) make money for sitting around and talking about these games for days before and after.


  14. I think they both looked sexy fantastic, as for ‘Women thought it was bad for self esteem for women to think they must aspire to look like Jennifer Lopez at 50’, all I can say is there’s no pleasing some people!

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