My 20 for 20 January project was to see 20 movies (because we all know that I have a competition with myself to see every movie nominated) and I did make exactly 20!

February, my challenge is to get recycle/donate/use up twenty items…

42 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week That Was 2/2/20

  1. Good week. I remember Brexit happening and the New York subway protest about getting free subway rides. ….other than my good week. I didn’t hear much about either but I know they were there. Brexit should be on every US channel as it is history.

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  2. At first glance I thought you meant to see 20 movies during the year, and decided to try to do the same. Then the penny and my jaw, both dropped!!
    I like your Feb challenge. Am borrowing the idea.

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    1. Thanks! I found this setting on my camera (who knew there were settings…πŸ˜‰) and now I’m blessed. The theme is light this week, so I’m playing with the thing that goes from +5 – -5…don’t you like my technical terminology?

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    1. Pedi is always the high point! I love when I see stuff like that on the street! Of course, when it’s chilly I don’t pay attention as much, which is sad…

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