On another note- I am intrigued by all the 20/20 challenges that are being done…so I decided to do monthly 20/20 challenges (total FOMO) So, as I only came up with this this week, I chose to watch 20 movies in January as I have my own personal goal to see as many Oscar nominated movies as possible…I’ll tell you next week how I did…

45 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week That Was 1/26/2020

      1. Haven’t seen it, but was hoping to catch it on Netflix… similarly, I was recently disappointed by “The Irishman”, which is blasphemy considering the lofty credentials of cast and director.

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      1. I agree the story is important, but it wasn’t told well. I thought the acting was average, and the script was bleh. It was trying to be Vice, but it lacked the wit and sarcasm and directorial nuances, and Christian Bale. It lacked gravitas, and was cliche. As a movie I thought is was entirely average

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      2. Funny that you compared it to Vice because I saw both of these on Christmas Day (followed by Chinese food, of course.) I disagree on the acting and this may not have been as nuanced since it was based on a book which likely didn’t have much nuance as source material.

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      3. When I watched Judy, I forgot it was not Judy garland. I never got so absorbed into the characters played by Kidman and Theron. I think they’re are both fine actors…but they didn’t absorb me into the story…I felt like they were caricatures…But it doesn’t really matter.you enjoyed it which was good. I watched other movies this year which are thought we’re superior…though not that many as I thought this was a poor year


  1. Great pictures. Love the “Live Life Colorfully” and “Talk Wordy to me.” Saw The Irishman and agree, not the best but not the worst. Glad we could see it on Netflix and not pay for it. The pasta and dessert look yummy!


  2. I’m still in two minds whether to go see ‘Bombshell’, I know enough of the MeToo newsroom backstory to keep me interested, and the trailer appeared to be very good…… as an aside my mother is going to watch the new David Copperfield adaptation this week!

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