Ok- this week had quite a few downs, and when you have a few it becomes really hard to find positives among the negatives. Stiff neck, insurance woes (homeowners), husband sick, yogagate, misunderstandings….bleh…

But I WILL find gratitude….

OK- I am most grateful for realizing that my gym pants had a hole in the crotch before I went to yoga…. (can you imagine a bridge- ugh)…

And to piggyback…

I am grateful that Old Navy had 50% off on athletic wear…


43 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 1/25/20

  1. Yes, it seems when one thing goes wrong so does everything else. It can be very hard to find something positive. Good thing, we’re still here breathing and able to have better days. Yay to the old navy sale, lol! Happy Saturday ❤

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  2. Sometimes getting through the week is just tough! Look at the bright side. You avoided “yoga-gate”! Lol. That would’ve been a little embarrassing. My husband has been sick too. Why is it when a man is sick it’s like their world has collapsed and only we can make it better? Lol. Mine is a baby. Have a great weekend!

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  3. Those little ‘bridges’ that transport us to better outcomes are there, even when the weather gets nasty. It wasn’t the best week on this end either, but there was always something to hold to. I look for that.

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  4. Yoga-gate. 😂 I know this refers to the phone ringing and not the near miss of public indecency, but you could turn it into a series of exercise class mishaps.
    I’m glad I read this before getting dressed for my dance class. Good reminder to check the seams on my leggings.

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  5. Eh..we have those kinda weeks. I was a bit disappointed in mine as well..nothing that ends in “gate”..but I just wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped I’d be. But (looking on the bright side) I didn’t go nuts and rob a bank so..

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  6. A couple of blogger friends have had the same kind of week you’re having! For me, this feels like the first week of the New Year because this is the first week I’m fully functioning since I was sick for three weeks prior! Ugh! So grateful to finally be well again!

    I’m glad you were able to find gratitude in spite of a bleh week…and the hole in your yoga pants in time! 😉 Mona

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  7. Stiff necks are horrible! Insurance woes, I can identify with too, medical insurance, UGH! Here is to a better week to come for you and Kudos to you for still finding something to be grateful for!!

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