33 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week That Was 1/19/20

    1. Awkwafina definitely. She was amazing in Farewell. Unfortunately I didn’t see the other two movies, but I’m going to try to catch them this month


    1. Thanks! It’s twofold for me…I wanted to improve my photography, and I wanted to be more mindful and slow down….it’s accomplishing both because I’m spending time in the moment…and savoring it

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    1. I was too, but I’m going to see it through….I think since it’s an unfinished story they took a lot of 21st century liberties. It didn’t feel like a period piece

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    1. Love veggie chili, but for some reason, I rarely make it at home…but if I see it in a menu I’m all in. Sandler really was excellent. Such a departure from his usual work

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