At some point this month, I surpassed 3,000 followers. I am very grateful for all the people who have stumbled onto my blog. Thank you.

In the past three weeks, not one, not two but three online vitamin retailers began following me. I knew that all those vitamin related posts that I write would one day garner the respect of the vitamin sellers, so for that, I am most grateful…

side note: lots of internet connectivity issues here at my piece of Manhattan (I threw out my garbage yesterday(down the hall) in my bathrobe and the repair guy was in the stairwell, so that was fun) so I am trying to read and reply as best as possible…

43 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 1/18/20

  1. I have to admit I enjoy your tidbits and picturing bumping into the internet guy in the hallway is one of them. I am wondering if in the city, this is like when they park across the street from our home in the suburbs for a long time. Different intrusion from bumping into them in the hallway especially in your bathrobe.

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  2. Congrats for passing 3000!! You deserve more than this but here are some gold stars for you. πŸ™‚ Keep up the great job!

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  3. I got vitamin people popping up too in my likes…wondered what they’re doing. Are they reading? Are they spam? I can’t tell. If they’re following all of us who follow each other, maybe they’re spam. I will have to go pester my IT friends and get their opinions…

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    1. I’m guessing spam…that’s why I was so tongue in cheek about it…I mean really…vitamin sales? 4 in the past few weeks? Right…unless it’s because we’re oldish….

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