When I began blogging my initial worry wasn’t about what to write about (we all know I have a treasure chest full of ideas. I didn’t worry about followers- I sort of had the ‘if you write, readers will come’ philosophy. But I almost decided not to blog when faced with the About page.


What am I about? What is my blog about?

Isn’t that the ultimate question? What are we all about?

So I quickly scribbled some stuff down. And then I shut the page without a second glance and began a post. I don’t ever think about this page unless I get a ‘like’ on it….

So today- I’m going to dissect my About page- after all, it is really an online blog dating profile.

Do you want to date my blog?

1) aspiring curmudgeon
2) culture vixen
3) adores cats and dogs equally
4) very amateur photographer
5) enthusiast of the written word,
6) Mom to high achieving teenager,
7) wife to foodie who won’t eat cheese
8) cooks with reckless abandon
9) optimistic Met fan
10) lover of lists

A work in progress….

What does the above say about me? Is this accurate? Do I come across on the page the  same manner that my About is written?

Should anything be deleted? Modified? Added?

What do you know about me?

and yes- some computer issues this morning…..ahhhhhhh


80 thoughts on “About…

      1. I don’t really know to be honest because what I think I’m like someone else might see me completely differently it depends where your standing I guess but I’m a really passionate person on about everything 🙂

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  1. I ask myself this question all the time. In fact only about an hour ago I last wondered ‘What am I about?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What’s the point in me?’ Can you tell what my day’s been like? 😝 I like your take on the About page being like a blog dating profile though. Honestly I haven’t checked mine in a while but I’ll do it with fresh eyes thinking of it this way.

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  2. The about page is important if you want more followers I think. I don’t know…I check out new followers by clicking to see what they say in their about page. It doesn’t determine whether I will follow, or not, but I want a glimpse before I look at some of the posts.

    It’s kinda time consuming though…

    Anyway. You forgot chatty. lol

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  3. It’s one of those things that blog “experts” tell you is very important but does anybody ever really read them? I have almost my life history in mine with pictures. I see I have to tweak it a bit because it says I use a bedroom as my craft room and we all know there is a studio now – LOL. I agree it’s kind of like a dating profile but I think we learn more about you from your writing.

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      1. Actually, I read each and every about page of each person who subscribes to my blog and every blog I subscribe to. I never looked at it as “dating” – but you are right it is!!! OMG!!!! How shocking.
        So really mine should be “Looking for a middle aged women or man who kayaks, has adventures, owns and paddles a cedar canoe? Subscribe here!” Wow…

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      2. That would actually be perfect for you! I hadn’t thought about it until I wrote a post about how authentic people are in dating profiles, and I realized it’s basically the same!

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  4. The toughest part for me too.. I just copy paste a part of my resume to my About page. I don’t like it. But right now, I am looking for a job and I wanted my resume to be a part of my about page too. I will take it off as soon as I find a job. 🙂

    Otherwise, I feel I don’t want my about page to “define” me. I don’t want it to set boundaries to who I am and who I am not. I like the idea of being undefined. And I don’t want the reader to look at my blog through the lens of the “about” page. I am what i write and as I change and I evolve, so will my writing. So who am I to say anything about me… does that sound too philosophical ?

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  5. I can’t read mine – original version – anymore. It’s so bloated and irrelevant. A great writing exercise originally. It’s a better one in undertaking a major overhaul more than a year later. However, I love reading everyone else’s About pages.

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  6. I definitely don’t see you as a curmudgeon at all.
    I think you should blow your own horn a bit and list something about “insightful awareness of social issues with the ability to garner deep and meaningful discussions .
    You are also open-minded and truly interested in what others write in response to your posts/prompts.

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    1. Thank you! You can be my pr person! Curmudgeon is just a fun word…like when people ask what you do, you just respond I curmudgeon….there aren’t many fun words like this anymore!

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  7. Is there any reason the list is 10 items long vs a prime number? 😎

    Also, I keep my about page as simple as possible to account for my slow evolution – “Hi, I’m a human, and this is where I share things with you.”

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  8. My goodness, we are of one mind when it comes to that dreaded about page. I just want to wrote all the thoughts that hatch, you know? But now I gotta tell you about me?
    My about page is kind of lame, think I should work on it?

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      1. I can understand that. It was different because she was my mom and I didn’t know anything different. In contrast, my dad used to make us “Daddy Specials” which were basically open faced grilled cheese with whatever happened to be in the refrigerator. 😂😂

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  9. My, my. There’s a long list of admirers. 😊

    I know you live in NY, are authentic and outspoken when it matters most, love what makes you happy, are on the shorter side, have one daughter you birthed later in life, and don’t mind that you can’t store extra supplies in your apartment. You also have challenging extended family.

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    1. I either like the writing or I don’t. I figure their blog is a better indicator of who and what they’re about, but I think I’m also biased because I hate my about page

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  10. The only ones I wasn’t really aware of are 7 and 9! Maybe they were just in posts I missed or I didn’t pick up that info. Now I have to go back to look at my About Me page…you’re inspiring me…thanks!

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