I spent much time and many words last week talking about being authentic. But what does it mean to be authentic?

What does authenticity actually mean?

Of course, the first definition I got was “the quality of being authentic” Thanks Google…But then I saw words like genuine, original, legitimate…so we get the idea. Authentic is real, as opposed to fake.

So- why should we strive for authenticity?

Simply because authentic people have a better chance at achieving happiness.


Because authentic people spend their time and energy perusing the things that make them happy, instead of spending time and energy on being someone other than who they are supposed to be.

When you present to the world who you are, you are allowing yourself to come to peace with who you are. Being authentic means you accept yourself, the good and the bad. Once you accept who you are, contentedness will happen.

Think of it like this: say you want to write a blog. Do you actually want to get up and write every day, (or whatever schedule) or do you want to be famous? Or do you want to make money? Or whatever. Be honest with yourself about your goals, and then you can achieve some sort of Zen state…..I like to get up and blog. I legit don’t look at my numbers, until I get a notification marker from WordPress, or its the end of the year. I’m not blogging for anything other than exploring ideas and connecting with others. So blogging makes me happy. But if I were striving to dominate the blogging world, I’d probably be walking around with a sour face most of the time…if I was constantly checking my stats, the anxiety would overrule any of the happiness of writing.

My IRL friends say that when they read my blog, they can imagine me saying the things that I write. This is the greatest complement I can ever receive, because my goal is to show who I am. I will let you share in my successes and my failures. I will rant about things, but I will also impart good tidings when I see them. Or, at least that’s what I hope I do.

So try to be the best “you” that you can. As we know, everyone else is taken…

On a side note, I am having major computer issues (should have asked for a new computer instead of a Fitbit) so I wrote on my iPad, which I hate. So this might not be my most eloquent post. Cheers to those who post on their phones, because I’m ready to throw all tech out the window….



46 thoughts on “Authentic

  1. No way I could write on my phone (fat fingers). Being yourself or authentic is a goal that not everyone can reach and there are some who don’t want to. Situation dependent, does it always work. I am a person who worked in the retail business my entire working life and there are times when the real me would want to come out and jump across the counter at someone for being themselves, I imagine, because I can’t think that they acted that way once or twice in their lives. Seriously I know you are talking about the core values and beliefs but a little glossing over the daily-ness of life is probably good for the general public.

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  2. Ha ha! I hope the computer issues resolve soon!

    I’m authentic, even to alienating myself because of things I’ve written on Twofacebook. My counselor suggested I might try NOT accusing my neighbors of selfish shows of wealth …so, there’s something to be said for tact as well. 😉

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  3. I’m an open book, but there are important people in my life who are very private, so it can be a fine line in terms of sharing information whether online or in person. This reminds me of something my mother said about lying, “If you only tell the truth you don’t need to remember what you’ve said, because it will be the same information the next time the subject arises.”
    You should go buy yourself a new computer: treat yourself!

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      1. Hahaha! This is true. I have a friend who has done that very thing with a birthday party we attended many moons ago. We brought her a couple bottle of champagne along with our presents. Well, as time goes on, he keeps upping the champagne bottle count. It hit its ceiling at “We brought a case of champagne” to which I replied, they don’t actually make cases of champagne, LOL.

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  4. This is why my blog will never be just one thing, because I’m not singular. I’m not just a mom or just a photographer or just a book reader. Trying to be just one of those things never felt right to me and is why none of the blogs I attempted that focused on the singular ever really worked well for me.

    And I’m right there with you on trying to post on anything other than my computer. I almost never even look at WP on anything else because it is way too tempting to try and reply to something, but I end up frustrated beyond belief when I try. Hope you get it resolved soon! I’d be a batty mess without my computer.

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  5. Yeah, I couldn’t use my phone for posting either. Hope your issues get resolved one way or another. Absolutely true about being authentic. I call my husband out on it sometimes. He has trouble saying no to people so will fabricate reasons for not doing things. He thinks he is sparing feelings but I say tell the truth.

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  6. I began blogging as a social experiment and fell in love with it. My blog is not monetized and I write strictly for me and, hopefully, for my grandbabykins to read once I’m gone. Authenticity is a mixed bag. While I think there are times that warrant restraint of our “real” self in public forums, we all should strive to live authentically and be true to ourselves. Right now we live in such a hypocritical world. Our politicians are two faced to the point that makes me doubt everything they say. On a spiritual front (and this is the most important to me because it guides everything else), to live our faith authentically is so necessary to be at peace with our inner selves. I’ve met very few “Christians” who are wiling to sacrifice their own agendas to live authentically in Christ. I hope I’m moving towards that goal but know I have a ways to go….a work in progress. Great post to start the wheels turning! xoxoxo

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  7. My laptop had the flu or something..went in and made adjustments to settings..seems google was doing deep dives into all my personal stuff multiple times a day possibly slowing everything down.. ? (This according to the genius at Apple…) And I’m a nobody..my saved recipes aren’t even exciting..

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      1. Call me stupid, but I had no real privacy settings engaged. Google was using up tons of my “whatever” accessing my contacts over and over..you are able to see this on the activity monitor..news to me that it could slow my computer down. I went through everything(?) and locked it all up..speed has improved.

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  8. I loved this post, Lisa! To me, it was entirely eloquent. 🙂 (Sorry you’re having computer issues.)

    This line particularly stood out––such wisdom:
    “Because authentic people spend their time and energy perusing the things that make them happy, instead of spending time and energy on being someone other than who they are supposed to be.”

    I totally see you living into your authenticity in your blog, especially now that I’ve met you in person. Thank you for sharing yourself here, and for the reminders to be real and come as you are.

    Lots of love, ❤

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