Because sometimes you’re at the library looking at as exhibit and see a photo shoot My sweet girl… True dat…. The entrance to the Salinger exhibit cause you couldn’t take pictures The room where we had to leave coats, bags and cell phones before we saw the exhibit (very Salingeresque I thought) NYPL hallway Salinger Exhibit…highlights….Galleys (with notes) Catcher in the Rye, a picture of his cat on his desk, letter from Hemingway (as in Ernest), and a letter to his son in prep school signed Live, Daddy NYPL and either Patience or Fortitude Book Club….I don’t like psychological thrillers normally, but this was good! I normally love Irishman, but not this one Cheers to any business who thinks of others. Live long and prosper Murder mystery subscription box my daughter gifted me for Christmas…we had so much fun! Namaste Dirty dish, empty dishwasher…daughter home…. Parasite was my favorite film this year…so I needed to go to the festival! Subway Art…1 train at Lincoln Center Matthew Wong at Karma, Karma As seen on the street Because what’s a nail salon without some kitties in the window

32 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week that Was 1/12/20

    1. No. I thought the acting was flat. I thought much of the actors were miscast. The screenplay was trite. And paninis Chicago accent was grating. I saw no directorial flair at all. And it’s soooooo long

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  1. My goodness! Where to start here?! Those three belles would certainly catch someone’s eye….and camera. The library building is gorgeous architecture. I hope you enjoyed the exhibit. I giggles at the nail salon kitties and the subway tile art is quite eye catching. Your sweet girl has the softest-looking pink pads on her feet. 🙂 Hope your weekend went well. xoxo

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  2. OK, Lisa, do you know that your cat and my cat could be twins? I’ll send you a photo (I emailed you earlier today and will reply to that!)

    I adopted a cat when my boyfriend and I split up. Very smart move, he’s a fantastic nurturer. My friend texted me and said, “I think he adopted you.” 🙂


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