Social media is a funny thing.  On my blog I’ve been surprised by how popular some posts are, while flummoxed as to why others aren’t. I am also surprised at how some blogs just elicit so much food for thought…

Yesterday I wrote a post that I thought was a one off- just letting off some steam about something that irks me (for no good reason I might add) And yet, it generated all sorts of thoughts, ideas and possible posts. (So be prepared- just saying…)

Who knew?

Blogger friend D asked me what my last three Facebook posts were. My first thought was- when did I last post on Facebook? (I told you- not big on social media at waking headquarters) So I pulled up my page and took note: I posted Merry Christmas, on the day, Happy Birthday to my daughter on her birthday in November, and in early November I shared a link for my daughter’s article in her school newspaper….

That’s what the Facebook world knows about my life.

If he were to ask about Instagram, the last three posts were pictures for the 366 photo challenge that I’m doing.

If he asked my last three tweets, I would have given him a birdcall, because I don’t do twitter (yet- I know it’s coming)

I don’t use pinterest with any regularity.

I don’t know snap chat or whatever else people use…

This blog and goodreads are my outlets to the rest of the world…

So what that does say about me? Because like it or not, what we post, and what we don’t post tells everyone who we are.

So, for today’s assignment, I want you to look at your last three social media posts on any outlet that you choose to use. What do those posts say about you? Are they authentically you? Are you showing the “you” that you actually are, or are you showing the “you” that you pretend to be?

Are you using social media to highlight your life?


Are you using social media to mask your life?

G Sandwich mentioned in a comment that most people just post without even thinking. Should you ever post without thinking about what you are posting? I know of people who have lost jobs because of things they said on social media…think about that… What goes on the internet stays on the internet…forever… Is it worth it?

For a second, let’s think a little bit on the psychological side- do we really not know what we are posting? Subliminally, is there a need to expose certain parts of ourselves online for the world to follow? Is posting certain things an attempt to prove to yourself that your life is better than it is? Are you trying to bring attention to yourself because you feel you are deficient in some way?

I know- there are more questions than answers. There’s always a different level to everything….but here’s the one question I want you to ask yourself before you hit ENTER..



76 thoughts on “You are What You Post…

  1. I always overthink anything I do on any social media, therefore I can tell you why I post what I do. Of course that’s part and parcel of being an introvert. I share slices of me, but not all of me. Less is more, you know?

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  2. My last three make sense. Human interest stories, kitschy historical facts and a snarky look at astrological signs. I would say it fits me perfectly since the human interest stories are what I seek out after reading the news for a while and becoming totally depressed. And I’m always searching in a trivial pursuit kind of way. And as for horoscopes, I’ve been satirizing them since I was a teenager, LOL.

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  3. FB is for puzzle games, I never post anything there. Instagram… about as random as my blog but the last one was either my winter prep flannel sheet picture, or perhaps my wine and garlic potato chips dinner while searching Google for wool hiking socks… or something else just as random that I’ve forgotten about 🙂
    *Take that back, as I made myself curious and had to go check insta– it was the visiting grand-dog, but the sheets were a close second!

    Geez, what does all that, or the lack thereof, say about me!? Probably that I am really okay without SM in my life, or I lead an extremely boring life.

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    1. You know what I see? A practical, real person who has found that the simple pleasures in life are the most important. You know who you are and you like that person. Though, if I was writing you as a character in the book, you would be the neighbor who solves the murder of your next door neighbor

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  4. Oooh! Excellent post.
    I have social media ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ that post either to, as you say, “highlight” their lives, or, in my opinion just as bad, complain, or elicit concern from others. As though their sense of worth comes from the words of others.
    I surely have no time for that.
    I’m actually pretty much myself on all my social media platforms. I have no interest in portraying myself as something I’m not. I worked hard to be who I am, to get where I am in life.
    I don’t tend to post without thinking, I try to be mindful of being respectful to myself and others.
    My last three social media posts (on fb) are in reverse order:
    An article, 12 Truths I’ve Learned from Life and Writing by Anne Lamott
    A (meme) how our bodies reject another’s energy. (I encountered us to pay attention to our bodies)
    And i tagged my daughters in a NOVA Mag article about Bojangles coming to Loudoun county. Especially since Thing 1 and her fam are moving her this summer.
    Each of these was posted with thoughtful intent.
    I’m just over here singing my song and speaking my truth, and sharing things I believe are important.
    Thanks for this post, LA. It was excellent food for thought! ❤

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  5. My last three posts were the value of supportive friendship, being deaf, and babysitting my *teenage* daughter’s newborn because I’m home on disability for the time being with a faulty heart, so…yeah, it ain’t Glitter and it is accurately representative of my life.

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    1. You are always real! That’s what I love about you….you have the courage to expose who you are, and you are honest with yourself. There is nothing more you can do to get yourself to the best you! Every day we get a little closer to who we’re meant to be, and you know this intuitively. Keep doing what you are doing

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  6. This. Is. Excellent. Last year I started to try and make sure I was posting things that were positive. It’s so tempting to want to get dragged into the political pi$$ing wars on FB. I’m trying to rise above that and make sure my content reflects what I want people to know about the deep-down ME. I hope I’m posting to reflect the true me and not as a mask. It helps to seek out positive outlets to reinforce our thinking. And, I think it’s vital to do lots of research before posting or passing on political “news.” There is so much bias out there now. It’s almost impossible to find balanced sources. So the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend. We’re slated for some ice and snow in middle Missouri. Time to break out the hot cocoa, Bailey’s and fuzzy slippers….and not go anywhere! xoxo

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    1. I broke my “no political posts rule” recently when a local (Denver) conservative talk radio host complained how boring the impeachment news was and suggested that “a good school shooting” would be a nice diversion. I couldn’t, in good conscience, share my feelings about this and encourage everyone to spend a little time hearing what the other side hears. It’s the reason we are so divided. But I’m with you on trying to stay above it.

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  7. My last 3 Facebook was a link to my last blog post, a photo of a Greek meal my hubby and I tried and I was excited it turned out, and. Another post to another of my blog pages. So I guess I am showing the world that I eat and travel!!!! Looking further into my Facebook I also have pics of holidays and of my kids and travel stuff. My Facebook appears very predictable.

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  8. My last 3 Facebook posts are the
    1. Stock Show Parade in Denver, a video of the steers leading the parade (yesterday)
    2. Skiing on Wednesday pictures that made my blog yesterday
    3. A video from Colbert’s opening that spoofed legal weed in Illinois with a Portillo’s based establishment called Potillo’s which was shared by a few Chicago friends.
    Do these represent me? Yes.
    If you asked me this question a week ago, you’d have gotten something about Charlie, a sunrise, and a wrap up of my 2019 writing year. Also representative.

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  9. I wrote about our neighborhood New Year’s Eve party and two posts on a bad cold. It’s pretty much a comment on good and unpleasant things in my life with a little attempt at humor thrown in. Surely no one thinks my life is all fun and games.

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      1. Those are stunning words! Thank you. My life has been exceedingly blessed for the last five years. Surely there are lots of people who come across as authentic and real. I feel I know you a bit and would feel very comfortable being with you. You have lots more energy than I do!!

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  10. I have quite a few social media accounts to choose from. I have 2 for this blog and those are basically about writing/blogging and the content of my posts. I have 3 for my business. I post most regularly on these – every couple of days – it’s almost always inspirational quotes to do with mental health and wellbeing, children and parenting. On my actual personal accounts I haven’t posted on Twitter since May 2018 and that was a link to my business. Instagram tends to be more of a record for myself of holiday/vacation pictures and events I’ve been to. I rarely post pictures of myself. My last three posts on Facebook – updated my profile pic to one of me skydiving with the caption ‘facing my fears’; a Happy New Year message and a link to a charitable cause that needed support. I’m not sure what my social media says about me?

    I remember once taking part in a black and white photo challenge and some of my friends passing comment (in a good way) because I posted pictures of things like the toilet with cleaning stuff on the lid and the iron and ironing bundle. I was rebelling a little against all the ‘fake wonderful life’ pics at the time. If I could be bothered I’d post more real life stuff like that but I’d rather spend time with real people.

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    1. Business social media accounts are totally different…you need those in today’s business environment. But the personal stuff is knowing who you are, and liking yourself

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  11. Interesting. I use FB as well as blogging and in both cases do so to share what I’m concerned about, what I’ve learned, and to learn from others. For me FB is an invaluable way of staying connected with family members, friends, and former students who are spread across the globe. With blogging I’ve added a number a new virtual friends, something I never could have imagined.

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  12. I’m posting usually photos of Edinburgh, or my trips abroad and photos of beloved dog. Sometimes when I cook something nice or when I accomplish something big and I am proud of it. However I do not share much details about my private life, as I like to treasure it in silence! 🙂

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  13. Well, my blog posts automatically go on my Facebook page but my personal FB posts were: 12/18: I posted about the local police doing a sting operation, 12/25: I posted a picture of our family in front of the Christmas tree and 1/5: I posted a screenshot I took of the weather report which said it was going to be 8 degrees in San Bruno, California, which I consider fake news. On Instagram my last 3 entries were a video of my One Second Everyday project, a picture of our dog with his lipstick face and my “Drive” word of the year picture. Kinda dull, huh?

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  14. A fabulous post LA…. one of my favourites…. you’ve become a kinda blogging ‘must read’ (guru) for so many, and I’ve lost count how many of your posts have prompted my own response, as you said you enjoy being a muse!

    The longer I loiter around this internet backwater I’ve realised I am unique! No not all the silly sex stuff, no I mean WP is my one and only ‘toe dipped’ into social media…. NOPE I’m NOT on a single OTHER platform (btw I have feeling the TRULY appalling grammar written beneath your future Tweeting will drive you frigging INSANE!!!)

    I guess I’m using WP to highlight my life, I enjoy being recklessly honest and I WRITE longish posts purely and simply for the enjoyment…. the process stretches and tests ‘my abilities’ and yes I get a thrill out of telling sex stories…. in fact my top twenty read posts are sex, I guess I’m living proof sex sells.

    The second reason I’m on WP is to of course read and follow other blogs, incidentally the majority written by middle aged moms… why so? Because they are SO entertaining, in 😉 SO many different ways.

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    1. I think blogs allow you to get to know someone. It gives an opportunity for real communication and discourse n topics. It’s interactive, which I love. And thank you!

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  15. I felt it was only fair I share my last three FB posts.
    1. Runkeeper map of the route I rode that day on my bike, just 8 km or so but cycling is my exercise and makes me happy.
    2. An article from Globe and Mail about Ukrainian Christmas, it reminded me of my Baba and the custom of placing a plate on the table in remembrance of those no longer able to attend the meal together. Baba and Ukrainian Christmas places the emphasis on family and togetherness – no Santa. I still recall how Baba spent countless hours with the other ladies at church preparing for the church family meals.
    3. Another Globe and mail article – this one about how school children ride their bikes all winter. The article said don’t curse winter cyclists, make way for them instead.

    Of course now I wonder what my blog says about me. 🙂

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  16. I’ve ditched updating on most social media platforms because the costs don’t outweigh the benefits, at least for where I am in life right now. But blogs? I’ve been following some bloggers for 20 years, and it’s because blogs – overall – tend to provide better perspective and curiosity inducing posts.

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  17. I don’t generally post on FB, though I do have an account. My blog posts are all very deliberate and carefully planned and written. I don’t usually write about myself, but I’m not hiding, either. The real me shows more in comments on my blog and others’. But my last post was about me and it got more views than anything else I’ve posted in 2 years!

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  18. It sounds like all of your what ifs are negative lol I approach social media the same way I do living life. For example, the other day, I was happy about an accomplishment, so I took myself to breakfast. I posted the photo and told anyone who saw it as much. I function with social media the same way I would with family and friends, as if they’re asking, “How are you?” ya know?

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  19. I blog. I’m not into social media really. I can get on FB but it annoys me when people selfie all the time or go on political rants so I’m not into it. I don’t need to see that stuff. Be real or I’m not interested. I like social media for keeping in touch with faraway friends. That’s good. But otherwise, I could do without it.

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  20. I share positive and funny things and I comment on people’s posts but I havent posted anything since this summer. Scott Walker came to where I work on his campaign trail and three of my coworkers and I took a picture with him and I posted it on facebook. I do sell things on marketplace. I agree with ally bean. Less is more.

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  21. Well, I typically post my projects on IG and my last post on FB was about a diet plan my husband posted on our fridge. That got a lot of feedback!! In my blog FB page, I always post a quote on Mondays. Over the holidays I posted a few family pictures. Sounds pretty boring to me.

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  22. The only other social media I am on is Facebook. The last three posts were Christmas photos. Before that I shared something funny… if your grandma got run over by a reindeer you may be entitled to compensation. 😂😂 I only share good things there. Photos and fun. Here though on WP it is all too real and that is why I don’t share my true identity. lol.

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  23. After five years of blogging, I’ve learned not to be surprised by which posts are popular and which ones aren’t. It certainly has nothing to do with the posts I think are the best! And even “popular” is a relative term. I don’t use any social media other than Facebook and Word Press. But I do put a link to my blog on my Facebook page (it’s one the very few things I ever post on Facebook), and some of my posts that generate a lot of interest on Facebook don’t get a lot of “likes” from bloggers, and vice-versa.
    In fact, the post that generated the most views (other than the post that was featured on Word Press Discover, which is a whole different story) was a “Lessons from a Small Town.” It didn’t take off on Word Press, but it got over 1,200 views. And that was because it was shared over 400 times on Facebook. I can only conclude that people from small towns liked it and shared it!

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    1. It still amazes me…I guess sometimes you strike the right chord it’s something and the post takes off…or sometimes you get so many new ideas from a post that appears simple. There’s no algorithm for that…


    1. It’s not better…it’s showing who you are….if you love to write, then it makes sense to want someone to read it…if you live food, there’s nothing wrong with posting food porn… sharing in its purest sense is great….it’s when you don’t think you exist without posting is when it becomes a problem

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  24. If you look at my Instagram, you can tell I was deep into wedding mode in the last few weeks. Facebook, the same, with the exception of the random picture of squirrels who look like superheroes when they land. I’m on Twitter but pretty much just tweet my blog posts.

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