Bath water is sort of a Goldilocks thing: too hot, too cold or just right.

Just right baths are perfection. I am grateful for just right baths…to where the water is at the perfect temperature in to relax you and make you feel like there is not a thing wrong in the world…the temperature that makes you forget about to do lists, and dogs that need to go out, and family that is calling you….

My Sunday night ritual is full of self care- bath, masque for any part of my body that can be masqued, a few gallons of moisturizer, candles, music…it is my way of throwing away the worries of the week before and getting ready to embrace the challenges of the week ahead. I know- sounding a little more new agey and less frantic urbanite than I am, but this is why I need the bath…it balances me our and centers me.

What is your balancing act?

46 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday January 4

  1. Good question… I don’t have a ritual, but walking always makes me calm. It directs my attention away from the rush of thoughts swirling around in my head. It was all about health and exercise at first, now it seems it has an added purpose! πŸ™‚

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  2. I read Lee Childs “Jack Reacher” or a good crime story, so my mind works and then I imagine if I were a female Jack Reacher, where would I be heading to get away from it all. I try not to feed the cat or take care of the family saga as this is the incentive for more waves.

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      1. It really is. I think with meditation, most people think you just close your eyes and cancel everything out. Well . . no. At least not in the short term. The first time I got into it, it took me a good month before I began to Zen everything out. But the process alone was working its magic long before that.

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  3. My balancing act when stressed or needing time to unwind is a hot cup of tea and popping in an old Doris Day movie! My mom used to love Doris Day movies and now as I am older I too love the charm and fun of those old shows!! Now of course I have a variant, I can go for a good John Wayne as well!! I get tithe love of the Duke from my dad!!

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  4. I also enjoy a brisk walk in the local park; those endorphins really help! A hot bath is something I’ve gotten away from, but plan to return to. Epsom salts are supposed to help detoxify, so I’m gonna try that, as well.

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