Where do I start?

What does 2020 hold for me?

Here’s a bit about what I’m thinking about:

Writing: I’m just about ready to agent shop. I have a few chapters that I’m almost happy with. Alas, one of my writing buddies will be relocating (big sigh) so I will need to expand my writing partners. How, I don’t know. Finding great writing buddies is like the finding the holy grail- but I will persevere!

Blogging: The goal is five days a week. I think I’m going to talk about undefinable words a lot- that really gets the conversation started!! I’m going back to gratitude Saturdays cause I miss it. And I’m trying photo highlights on Sundays- we’ll see how that works out.

Photography: I want to take a picture a day, but I realized when I failed at this last year, that I need some sort of prompt. So I found a 365 challenge that seems to fit me. @chrissydealphotography . She has picked a weekly topic (this week is pink!!) I think having a goal within a goal will help me!! I think my insta is lawakinguponthewrongsideof50 if you want to be instapals…

Health and Fitness: Gym five days a week. Yoga one day a week (I already blocked out the time of my class in my calendar for the year- once it’s in the book I will do it!) Weights twice a week. Drink water. Fruits and veggies. Also- got a new fitbit for Christmas!! You will hear about my mileage!!! And my heartrate and sleep patterns, if you’re good and listen to me about everything else…

Books: I’m trying for 55 this year. Also going to try to read a little more non fiction that’s not organizing or simplifying (she says as she’s reading an organizing book….)

Personally: Be a little softer. Let things go. Ignore the small things (I even got a Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff page a day calendar!!! Communicate better.

Friendship: See my friends. talk to my friends. Text my friends.

politics: read both sides. be informed. Converse with no one about it. They are never discussions- they become an I’m right, you’re wrong and that doesn’t help anyone!!

Creativity: Just create- food, photos, art, crafts. Make Michaels a weekly destination!!

Culture: Foreign film and docs once a month. Museums. Live shows. Grace and Frankie!!

And that’s all folks!-

Tune in Monday when we resume the conversation!!!

36 thoughts on “2020- Whatcha Gonna Do…

  1. Well good morning! Just caught this before work so will comment now!
    Since the offer is open I will be on the list of insta followers. My time there is pathetic, and follows in the tradition of this blog…incredibly random! I do like seeing others additions though so perhaps I, and others will keep you posting toward your goal.
    Love the create idea- I recently went back to knitting after a long absence. I love to see results happen and the satisfaction of making something with my hands. I’ve missed it.

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    1. I find I enjoy when I have a goal…hence the prompt idea for photos. I love taking pictures, and I want to get better, but sometimes I need a push. As a task oriented type, if I can write it in my planner, I have a better chance of achieving

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      1. Tell me about it. I have been stretching, and it IS paying off, but I am still in the getting to know you stage with various muscles that haven’t been called on since . . well, I don’t even remember when they were called on. High school?

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  2. I thought about organizing my blog around days of the week, but so far have only committed to Wordless Wednesday – which didn’t happen this week because I had a different post planned for New Year’s Day. I may start doing Perfect Picture Book Friday (PPBF) which many of my friends are part of, but I’m not sure about committing to it weekly.
    Critique partners are hard to find and worth EVERYTHING when they are good. And by good, I mean give helpful, thought-provoking feedback. Not helpful if it’s just praise or the person doesn’t understand your vision or your character’s motivations. Good luck. I actually have connected with some amazing virtual partners.

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  3. You will be super busy this year! I share many of your goals for 2020. Aside from my love of photography, I do love to write (blog) and I need to get back into a better routine. I also need to get back into posting more “meaty” stuff. I used to, but life got in the way of spending a lot of time on topics. I found a Thankful Thursday link up hosted by Brian’s Home that has made me think more about gratitude. I have an elliptical at home that I need to become reacquainted with on a daily basis, and I’ve printed out some yoga routines I need to implement. politics: read both sides. be informed. Converse with no one about it. They are never discussions- they become an I’m right, you’re wrong and that doesn’t help anyone!! For sure. It will be an interesting political year. I look forward to following your progress….I’m sure you will inspire me along the way! xoxo

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  4. Great goals. I do the PopSugar reading challenge because it helps me read things out of my normal mysteries. I also agree that having a challenge can help with your 365 pictures. Looking forward to seeing them on Insta. I’m trying a One Second Everyday video. We’ll see how that goes.

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      1. You must be a high-energy gal! I especially wish you good luck with the agent thing, I hear it’s hard to find one, but living in New York you may have an advantage I hope!

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  5. I love how you set goals, schedule them, and get at them. Way to go!

    I sort of came up with a schedule for my blog, but then needed a break, so we’ll see how it works when I get back. I do want to get my paints out again and work on learning German this year. I hear Duolingo is the way to go.

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  6. Some big goals but if you can achieve even half of them you will be doing great. The writing agent thing is tricky, check out writing magazines at the bookstore they have listings as well as great articles and writing contests if that is your thing. I have submitted a few things (short stories) alas to no avail, but that is one of my goals-keep on submitting and trying to improve.

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