Here at Waking headquarters, we make goals- not resolutions….so let’s cjeck in with how I did…

  1. Talk Less- listen more. I improved, but am far from stellar. However, I do think I became a better communicator, which is just as important
  2.  Slowly down and being more mindful- again, a work in progress but I’m getting there
  3.  Go to the gym as soon as I wake up. There are times you set goals and realize that they really aren’t what you want. I began looking at my schedule and penciled in when I would go to the gym. Getting to the gym is most important
  4.  Empotional eating- working on it- better but not great
  5. Creative- yes! painting- check. embroidery- check big win
  6. Picture a day- GIANT FAIL. but I’m revamping – details to follow
  7. Increase social media usage- big fail. Still don’t understand Instagram (more to follow) and could not bring myself to sign up for other things
  8.  50 books- YES!!
  9. more fruits and veggies- YES
  10.  3 days a week of weight training- I averaged 2. I’m ok with that
  11.  set blogging hours- yes (along with exercise scheduling)
  12.  daily writing goals- I could be better at this
  13.  Flexibility- FAIL
  14.  Prepare to be an empty nester- BIG FAT PASS!!!
  15.  top letting peoples comments get to me….better but not perfect
  16.  ignore negative people- sometimes- I’m slightly better

I’m mainly pleased with my progress- we just do the best we can!!



32 thoughts on “2019 Goals- How Did I Do

    1. It’s actually a matter of getting back on the wagon after you’ve fallen off. We all slip up, the thing is to just restart. It doesn’t matter if you mess up a little….resilience again….

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  1. Great job on your goals. I am taking a couple of them for my list this year too. More exercise other than just walking Benny twice a day and getting a schedule down for blogging and crafting. I have to learn to keep my voice out of the equation when my husband and the kids are “talking.” Good luck to us both!

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  2. Wow, that’s a long list, LA! I’d say you did great. My guess is that some of those are more important to you than others. You should be particularly proud of acing the empty nest challenge. Bravo!

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    1. Thanks! I’m only upping because I know I’m shopping agents this year, and they want to see you as a brand, which I’m clearly not. I hate social media, but you need to play the game

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