Here at Waking headquarters, we make goals- not resolutions….so let’s cjeck in with how I did…

  1. Talk Less- listen more. I improved, but am far from stellar. However, I do think I became a better communicator, which is just as important
  2.  Slowly down and being more mindful- again, a work in progress but I’m getting there
  3.  Go to the gym as soon as I wake up. There are times you set goals and realize that they really aren’t what you want. I began looking at my schedule and penciled in when I would go to the gym. Getting to the gym is most important
  4.  Empotional eating- working on it- better but not great
  5. Creative- yes! painting- check. embroidery- check big win
  6. Picture a day- GIANT FAIL. but I’m revamping – details to follow
  7. Increase social media usage- big fail. Still don’t understand Instagram (more to follow) and could not bring myself to sign up for other things
  8.  50 books- YES!!
  9. more fruits and veggies- YES
  10.  3 days a week of weight training- I averaged 2. I’m ok with that
  11.  set blogging hours- yes (along with exercise scheduling)
  12.  daily writing goals- I could be better at this
  13.  Flexibility- FAIL
  14.  Prepare to be an empty nester- BIG FAT PASS!!!
  15.  top letting peoples comments get to me….better but not perfect
  16.  ignore negative people- sometimes- I’m slightly better

I’m mainly pleased with my progress- we just do the best we can!!



32 thoughts on “2019 Goals- How Did I Do

    1. It’s actually a matter of getting back on the wagon after you’ve fallen off. We all slip up, the thing is to just restart. It doesn’t matter if you mess up a little….resilience again….

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  1. Great job on your goals. I am taking a couple of them for my list this year too. More exercise other than just walking Benny twice a day and getting a schedule down for blogging and crafting. I have to learn to keep my voice out of the equation when my husband and the kids are “talking.” Good luck to us both!

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    1. Thanks! I’m only upping because I know I’m shopping agents this year, and they want to see you as a brand, which I’m clearly not. I hate social media, but you need to play the game

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