Another year blogging.

I took some breaks during the year : felt like I needed to recharge my batteries. I had a little crisis of faith as to the direction that I wanted my blog to go in, but I’ve been pretty happy with finding a topic and then working off of it until I think it’s done. It’s far from perfect, but it’s working, so I’m sticking with it.

I wrote a lot of blogs this year: some better than others. I had a discussion with a friend recently, and we batted around the idea of why some of my pieces are better than others. Of course, it’s a chicken/egg thing: is my writing just better in some posts, or is the topic just better sometimes. I think the better the topic, the better the blog, and that my writing style is pretty consistent. My friend thinks sometimes I just write better than others, regardless of the topic. It doesn’t really matter…just different ways to look at it.

Different ways to look at things: If I were to create a new mission statement for my blog, it would probably be something along those lines. We all look at things differently: no rights or wrongs, just different. The key is to listen to others and respect other opinions.

OK- the diatribe is over for today. On to the stats…

I don’t know how many blogs I wrote- suffice to say, a decent amount.

My most popular posts:

  1. Join me on this Journey (a post about blogging- ha…)
  2. Can You Not Sit there (very controversial- when I was asked to move from a train seat because a woman was allergic to my perfume)
  3. When I Don’t Like Myself (when I felt petty and spiteful)
  4. Influence Me (whether or not influencers are actually influencing anyone)
  5. Why I don’t Like Influencers (it’s pretty self explanatory)

Obviously- influencer is a word that gets searched, so when you write a post, be sure to include it…or blogging..another hot button search word….

I had 38,989 views, the overwhelming majority from America (shocking), following by UK and Canada. And apparently there is one person in Papua New Guinea who found me amusing….

12,400 visitors. 17,600 likes. 11,800 comments (you know that’s the big number for me personally. Conversation and communication would be the next buzz words on my hit parade.

The most popular time to read my blog is 9am on Friday (which is funny, because I always think my Friday posts are boring…)

As of today I have 2,991 followers. That’s just amazing to me….so thank you.

There you go. Onwards and upwards to a new year, and new adventures in blogging!!!

51 thoughts on “My Year in Blogging

  1. I follow some people not because of the topics they chose but where they chose to live or the direction they chose. I follow the blog of a wife of a truck driver in the Mid West simply because her path is so different from mine that I find strength in her simple everyday struggles.

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      1. I am always fascinated by people very different from me or leading very different lives in very different areas especially if I am familiar with the area. I like to know what makes them tick?

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    1. I’m going to throw women under the bus a little. Menopause. Continuing with happiness next week because I dont think we’ve rung that one dry yet. I’m thinking of doing a bunch of words that I consider undefinable…and look at them from various perspectives….that’s what I’m tossing around

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  2. LA, you do a great job of bringing up discussion-worthy topics that seem to be relevant everywhere (or at least in the US 😁). Looking forward to your next year of blogging. And take a break if you need to. – no excuses necessary!

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  3. Your posts have me thinking and they spark conversations. I admire your large following, I do not want to look at me stats though as it would probably lead me to give up and I don’t want to do that. Keep writing and opening up conversations.

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    1. Thanks! I really only look at the stats at year end. I blog because I enjoy it. But I do admit I was pleased with the amount of comments!!


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