My favorite thing about apps and the internet is when I get to see a year end compilation of what I did throughout the year. Sure, every single thing I do, see, and listen to is tracked, but who cares…Big brother I’m here…I guess my life really is THAT interesting…

But anyway…

Spotify wrapped me up. I was actually a little surprised by my music habits of the past year. Here’s my musical life in a nutshell:

I played 4,768 different songs on spotify! Can you imagine?!

Yo Yo Ma was my most listened to artist. I totally get that- love him- love his music! After Yo Yo my surprise number two was Taylor Swift (I really didn’t think I listened to her that much) Three was Maren Morris, Four was Goo Goo Dolls, and five was Elvis Presley.

Shockingly, as my music taste was all over the place, I listened to music from 56 different countries.

My number one genre was Pop, followed by rock, classical performances, folk-pop and Broadway.

And shockingly in some cases, my top five songs this year were:

  1. Somebody to Love- Justin Bieber (I can’t believe this actually)
  2. Old Town Road- Lil Nas X/Billy Ray Cyrus (ok- it was a long summer)
  3. Shallow- Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper (totally don’t understand why this isn’t number one actually)
  4. The Duffler- Fantastic Negrito (seriously- I don’t remember playing this song…)
  5. Your Song- Elton John (my favorite Elton song and after seeing Rocketman it was all about Elton)


29 thoughts on “My Year in Music

  1. Mine was total crap. Spotify said my favorite artist was Stevie Wonder and that my favorite song was “Sunshine of My Life”. Um, no offense to the talented Mr. Wonder, but I don’t think I listened to that sone one time! What the heck?!

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  2. Peaceful Easy Feeling – Eagles was my top song, followed by Listen to the Music (doobie bros) and Always on my mind – Willie Nelson. Kind of funny to look at this list, some great songs and I am sure I don’t need to tell you the artists – Sultans of Swing, Hooked On a Feeling, Some Girls Do (Sawyer Brown) and I won’t tell the rest except the last one is probably one of the best albums ever imo – Band On the Run.

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  3. My number one song was Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend. I wasn’t at all surprised. Number two was something by Talking Heads, which was unexpected. Spotify is amazing for the data. I sort of wish I had it for my entire life – I’d love to know which song is my most played for all time.

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