Holiday To Do List:

  1. Grocery Shop
  2. Party
  3. Decorate
  4.  Go to Holiday Show
  5.  Light Menorah
  6.  Visit Friends and Relatives
  7. Bake Cookies
  8. Window Shop and look at Holiday decoration
  9. Wrap presents
  10.  Remember that not everyone is having a holly, jolly holiday season. Some people suffer symptoms of depressed and feel helpless. This is aggravated by the thoughts that everyone is having fun, except for them. The feeling of being alone is crushing. Reach out to anyone you fear is suffering and is in need of a little human contact. If you are feeling this way yourself, know that there are many avenues available to make you feel a little bit better at this most crazy time of year.

30 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…Maybe

  1. I like our tree this year, all of the gifts except three are for others and we will give them away christmas eve. Our one present each is symbolic mainly. We are already gifted, that we are together. In a sense I am looking much more forward to the board games and time together in the days between Christmas and New Years eve. Btw to me new years eve is just a gimmick, I would rather go to bed on time. That could a symptom of getting older, eh?

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