Remind yourself what is actually important

Respect the opinions of others

Realize that there is more than one way of looking at something

Restrict negative thoughts

Remember to be kind

Repair broken relationships

Read a variety of things

Reap the benefits of an abundant meal

Review a statement in your head before you say it

Repay a good deed with a good deed

Reply without animosity

Refill with healthy food and water (sometimes)

Remove what you no longer want or need



23 thoughts on “Re: The Holidays

  1. Go to a new church and see if you agree as a practice of good will. Do something different. Take a different route. Talk to someone you wouldn’t. Go on the wrong bus or train and take a different route. Make the mind work.

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    1. Thinking about what I said after a very busy day shopping on my first full day off…whew….after the holidays, it is easier to talk to someone you wouldn’t and as for getting lost, I do this in the car often at the end of working with at-risk teenagers on my drive home and I don’t even intend to make my mind work but it does.

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