British Crime Classics Challenge 2020

British Crime Classics Challenge 2020
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Thanks to my friend Rekha for introducing me to this challenge!

When do I not enjoy reading a British mystery written before I was born?

I chose “Five Little Pigs” by Agatha Christie. Suffice to say, I love all things Christie, especially a good Hercule Poirot, and this does not disappoint. As we know I’m iffy about reviews, but I will give you some quotes that I thought were interesting!

“What you do not understand is that there are things that cannot be bought.”

“What do most people mean when they say that? So young. Something innocent, something appealing, something helpless. But youth is not that! Youth is crude, youth is strong, youth is powerful- yes, and cruel! And one more thing- youth is vulnerable.”

8 thoughts on “British Crime Classics Challenge 2020

    1. She was so clever….there is just something about how her mind worked. Though I wonder what she’d think of today’s crime solving detectives….


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