I know.

It’s black Friday.




But let’s think of an alternate universe….one where we think about our goals for next year…aka resolutions.

I think we should all start our new year’s goals today.

Why? you ask skeptically.

Because there’s no pressure.


If you decide to work out, you don’t feel any pressure that a proclamation was made- “I hereby decree that I will work out every day for two hours.” (which we know will be just dust in the wind by January 2)

You just take a walk around the block, or do some sit ups.

And tomorrow you do some lunges and some arm circles.

No. Pressure.

You ease into the new year with a plan of attack. You’ve already cut out what you don’t like, and have figured out some stuff that you do.

By the time January 1 rolls around, you are already into a routine.

Don’t think about what you can buy today that will make you “better”: think about what action you can perform that will make you feel better- about your body, your mind, your situation, your life. And do one small step towards achieving it.

A better life can not be found in a box 50% off that you had to wait in line for, for three hours.


64 thoughts on “Next Year Starts Today

  1. This is so proactive and constructive, LA. I don’t know if the masses are ready for such a common sense solution, LOL.

    But you’re right about it. Very much so.

    It was a very busy day for me yesterday, capped by a “Black Friday jaunt” with my daughter late last night. It had been a tradition years ago for us, to get up at a crazy hour and hit the stores. And then they moved to Thanksgiving night and killed the feeling. Because to me and her, it was simply a time to hang out and connect. We shopped and bought, sure, but it was about us.

    That’s why I am with you on this. Don’t depend on the progress others try and sell you when you can make your own.

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    1. My daughter is technically shopping with her high school friends. I have no doubt she will come home with a pair of leggings (needed) and many stories of how much fun they had together in soho…..the experience should always matter more!!💗💗

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      1. I went downtown to Christmas shop last week with a friend and we hit some great stores and had a really nice time. The game plan is simply to have fun and find interesting gifts that mean something.

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  2. I was just thinking of my ‘yearly’ list yesterday! Each year I give myself a handful of things I want to achieve in a year. This years list, that was written last December, has one thing left to accomplish, but it will get done. If you’re wanting a no pressure way to achieve accomplishments, this is it! ❤

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  3. I started yesterday, with burpees and legs up on the wall ! Too late for the no shopping though, my wife was out the door early to spend before going to work (oy vey), and I was also – spending just 13 bucks for some moleskin notebooks I love after getting 15 bucks for being one of the first 30 people in the store at 7 am. It was minus five this morning but i can’t complain, my son in law is visiting calgary and its minus 19 there.

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  4. It’s ironic, but I have never gone in for the whole resolution thing. I’m not sure that I even would say I set goals for the year, other than perhaps trying to make sure I walk on a regular basis.
    I remember being focused on kid goals before they all left the nest, and then there were the divorce goals… but each day now is fairly routine and straightforward and I have no real need to plan for or around anything. I just live and find happiness in that I suppose.
    As to BF- a resounding NO on all levels 😉

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  5. Great post, LA. As you know, I couldn’t agree more about what is important and what isn’t. As for New Year’s resolutions, I do them because it’s a down, I’ve-done-all-the-holiday-stuff-and-now-I-can-relax kind of time, perfect for list-making. But for me a new year really begins when school (and everything else) starts up in the fall.

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  6. I make resolutions every morning and find I’ve failed every night. Well, we can’t all get it right!😉

    I think your plan is sensible. I have no interest in shopping, so Black Friday is meaningless to me.

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  7. Sounds like an idea whose time has come. (I do this same thing.) Break the “resolutions” into small, achievable tasks.

    Test them in November and December.

    Discard what does not work. Have everything tested and ready by December 1st.

    Join the tidal wave, knowing that yours are unlikely to fail, unlike so many others.

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      1. It is a requirement. Boring characters don’t sell. Ian Fleming’s James Bond was a bland looking person who could pass as yet another government employee rather than a debonair movie star. But, come to think of it….

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