I had fun asking your opinion last week….so here’s another one:

What’s worse:

1) that my daughter called from college to ask me where her gloves are (in her dorm)


2) That I actually knew the location of her gloves (in her dorm)

59 thoughts on “Can I have your opinion….part 2

  1. I think this is so very special……..a strong bond between and mother and child πŸ™‚ I am hoping when my daughter leaves for college next fall, I receive similar phone calls. Well done mom! You raised a wonderful kid that you have a deep connection with……..

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  2. Mom radar.

    It’s like the dishwasher: if they say it’s full and the last few items don’t fit I first ask “who loaded it”? If a kid did I know without looking that there’s room. πŸ™‚

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  3. Been there. My kids have called me from dorms apartments and houses to ask me where things are. It is the mom radar, hell my husband has asked me to find things while he is with me! You knew where the gloves were because you helped her settle into her dorm room, give it a couple of days and you won’t have a clue!

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  4. No better or worse here!
    Just mom magic at work!
    I do the same thing with my girls at their homes.
    You grow and birth them, then you raise them, then you experience their personalities. So when they call you asking about the most random thing, you use this knowledge to make a deduction. It’s not Sherlock Holmes level deduction, because you know this (these) girl(s)!
    I love this!
    I so relate to this! ❀

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