Yesterday I asked if this was a bag of candy or a bag of chocolate:

But to give you the reason, let’s step back in time:

Friday- I made a Target run, where I bought several household items and the above bag of Halloween treats. When I got home, I was too lazy to get the step stool out to put the treats on the shelf in the cabinet so I sort of tossed it up and hoped for the best.

Saturday morning- I enter the kitchen and see the above mentioned bag on the kitchen counter. The conversation is as follows, as the bag remained unopened.

Me: Did the bag of candy fall out of the cabinet when you opened it?

Husband: What?

Me: The bag of candy that’s on the counter. Did it fall out of the cabinet?

Husband: No

I scratch my head, wondering if I’m indeed having a senior moment and just didn’t put the candy away yesterday. I’m thinking back to if the bag was on the counter when I made dinner the night before. FYI- I have almost no counter space, so I’d really need to question my sanity if I didn’t remember.

I toss the bag on the dining room table.

Husband: Yeah. That fell out of cabinet when I opened it

Me: But I just asked you if candy bag fell out

Husband: it’s a bag of chocolate

Semantics argument ensues.

Husband: you’re the only one that calls that a bag of candy

Me: Challenge Accepted

And then you know the rest…..

Thank you to all who participated in my survey. Candy was the predominant answer, though my favorite answer was “dinner”.

48 thoughts on “The reason

  1. First of all, I agree that dinner was the correct answer.
    Second, I had a bag of regular and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms for dinner at the movies last night and Iโ€™m not sorry. A perfectly balanced meal.
    Third, this is similar to a square is always a rectangle but a rectangle isnโ€™t always a square. Candy takes in a wider category but either was technically correct.

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  2. I’d have skewed the result as we don’t use the word candy this side of the pond ๐Ÿ˜€

    But yeah, know what you mean about *that* sort of discussion.
    I may be guilty of starting them myself from time to time …

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