Last Thursday I was starting to feel a little sick- just general cold stuff, heavy head, dry throat, stuffy nose. But I knew my goddaughter was coming to visit on Friday, so I did the whole mind over matter thing, and stayed healthy for the whole weekend. Sunday night, as I waved goodbye to her, my body broke down, and I had a cold.

Now, I can tell I have a cold, because for the second time on five days, I can’t organize my thoughts on the page. I have an idea, and I start to write, but it floats away.

I am not happy that my mind is not allowing me to concentrate!!!

So I’m going to take care of my stuffy head, and hopefully my thoughts will become more coherent tomorrow or the next.

see you soon!!!



43 thoughts on “Attention

  1. There is so much crud going around here right now. BG was feeling like crap all weekend and I’ve started my annual cough fest that will hang on until spring (unless I can actually figure out how to kick it before it really sets in; haven’t done it in years, so…) Load up on whatever makes you feel better and get some rest!

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  2. Hope you feel better soon.
    I am under the weather too, but ignored it for a wonderfully busy Friday (author visit at a school), Saturday, and Sunday (writing conference which under normal circumstances requires a lot of energy but is oh-so-wonderful because I learn and spend time with new and old friends.) Yesterday, I gave in and went to the doctor who gave me some strong cough meds and told me to spend the next two days resting as much as possible. I’m listening to her because I need my voice and strength back by Thursday for another event!

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