Last Friday, not long after I’d written my post, my cat got sick. She started sneezing blood. I calmly screamed and ran around the house, fording her into her cat carrier, and racing uptown to the emergency vet.

Almost a week later I sit at my desk, looking at my cat sleeping calmly on my ottoman.

The past week has been tumultuous. You all know I love my pets more than anything, so to see one sick was heart wrenching. Alas, as they are not sure what is wrong with my cat, I am still very, very wary. Though she seems completely healthy right now, I have no idea what to expect.

So I sit and pore over the internet, trying to figure out what is going on with my cat. We’ve run a bunch of tests, all of which have come out completely normal. Blood pressure: normal. Clotting: Normal. On paper, she looks like a healthy kitty. If you were to see her now, she looks like a healthy kitty. I’m hoping she is indeed a healthy kitty.

But the emotional toll on me this past week….

I’ll keep you posted…


76 thoughts on “The Sick Cat

  1. I know what you’re going through. You feel helpless and this furry creature is counting on you to keep her safe. We thought we had a healthy cat and two months later, he was gone. He was also 16.5 years old so we knew this day was coming. But it’s the hardest thing ever when they can’t tell you what’s wrong. I hope your kitty stays healthy. Losing them is SO hard.

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    1. Thank you! Our kitty is fairly young, only 6, and has always been exceedingly healthy. I keep running through m6 mind if she’s ever exhibited any suspicious behavior that 8 didn’t catch. And yes, she was following me around as if to ask ask me make her feel better.


  2. Ugh! I always find it impossible to maintain my composure in such instances. I’m a nervous wreck, going over different possibilities in my head.

    I’m glad to hear the tests all came back normal and that kitty is feeling fine. Sending out positive vibes for kitty and mama.

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    1. Well, I was trying to not freak her out, because she really doesn’t like the cat carrier and will hide if she sees it…..but yeah….it was not my finest moment


    1. Thank you!its scary because she has always been incredibly healthy, and until the sneeze she had been acting normal. It’s just so surreal to go from one end of the spectrum to the other. And of course I’m hovering. I also didn’t sleep because I obsessively watched her from the time w3 took her from the vet


      1. Exactly! She looked up at me with That little face, and the purr that means she hurts. She seems to be a thousand times better now, but I just wish I knew what caused it


  3. Have you considered that she may be trying to help you over the “daughter off to college hurdle” by creating a feline illness for you to focus on. Mothering the daughter has now turn to mothering the cat… so to speak.
    That is one smart cat, and highly aware of your emotional needs at this time!

    Seriously, hope she continues to do well and ultimately goes on to eat lots of ham and cheese omelets for a long time 🙂

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  4. That’s awful! Having pets that aren’t well and not knowing what is going on is so insanely stressful. Did your vet say anything about potential allergies or that your cat may have even gotten something in her nose that irritated the lining to cause the bleeding? Not that I’m a vet and know what I’m talking about, but sometimes our pets have these odd things going on that are normal for humans but not animals. My dog is more human than animal with some of the weird things she always has going on and has managed to baffle our vet with them since we first brought her home.

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    1. The next step is a ct scan, which were reluctant to do because it’s a stress on he4 little body, and might be inconclusive. I’m going to obsessively watch her for other signs

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      1. The sneezing was last Friday. Completely freaked me out. When we got to vet they said all her bloodwork was pristine (their word, not mine) she didn’t eat for a few days, apparently a cat eats with its nose, smell is important, so even though she kept going to her bowl she wouldn’t eat…and I bought tuna, and smelly cat food, anything to whet her nose….she began eating two days ago, and had good bm’s (yes, I’m monitoring her habits) and she is back to no4mal, but I’m still worried that it will happen again

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  5. Scary for sure. Maybe it was just something she got too close to and irritated her nose. It would not surprise me at all if something got into our dog’s nose. He sniffs at EVERYTHING on our walks. Thinking positive thoughts for you.

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  6. I know the feeling. Not to long ago my dog was so sick and I didn’t think we were going to be able to take her to the vet but luckily that all worked out. I hope your kitty is healthy and that y’all don’t have anymore scares.

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  7. Hope she feels better. Your story reminded me of my brother’s first year living in New York City. He was not allowed to keep a pet and he had a cat and the cat would sit for hours still looking out the window. My brother is very charming or he can be when he wants to! Somehow he convinced the landlady that the cat was a statue and managed to keep the cat for the next couple of years until he relocated to our farmhouse in the Catskills when I took care of it!

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  8. You’ve got a lot of comments here and I don’t want to give you wrong information for sure. My cat was sluggish, and sneezing blood, Sometimes it seemed like she would never stop. My vet said it has something to do with a respiratory infection. This was several years ago, she is now 10 years old. She still has a weezing sound when she breaths, and it gets loud when she sleeps. Other then that….she’s just fine. =^..^=

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  9. Hey! I haven’t heard of this before but I’m doing a lot of research for my blog on my two cats. If I come across anything, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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  10. If it didn’t persist maybe your cat just had some sort of inflammation that ruptured up her nose? People sometimes do that in winter/allergy seasons? Although I would think a vet would find that. If it isn’t persistent, though, maybe it was just one of those things? I hope your cat will be OK.

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  11. I hope she’ll be all right. I think if all the tests came negative, that’s a good sign. Especially if she’s playing and eating, that’s definitely a good sign.

    I know it’s a horrible feeling when you pet is sick, especially when the doctors don’t know what it is. I know the feeling. If the doctor doesn’t know and she starts sneezing blood again, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion.

    Many years ago, when my cat was sick, I took her to four vets, and they didn’t know what to do. And she wouldn’t eat or move. She was just lying staring at nothing. So I stopped people walking their dogs outside and asked which vet is the best. I had spoken with dozens of people, and most said the name of one particular vet. So I took my cat to him, and he gave her steroids, and she got better. Always go for the best vet you can find when seeking a second opinion. Good luck.

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