Hmmmm Did anything happen this week?

Prom- seeing my daughter and her friends dressed up

Graduation- My Daughter made one of the grad speeches, she won the English medal, she graduated High School…..

I didn’t strangle anyone, but boy, do I have stories….

All in all, it was a good week.

I have no idea what I’m going to write about this upcoming week, think of it as a sort of anything can happen Monday…

My brain is toast, and I’m going to mentally recuperate!!


25 thoughts on “Highlights June 23

      1. Please stay all summer!! Alas I can’t think of any hidden gem uptown,but levain does make a great cookie and chocolate chip brioche (West Side) and orwashers does a great jelly doughnut (both east and west)

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  1. Prom is a big deal, especially if your daughter made a speech. You probably have a hundred photos and a dozen videos. Such a big deal at her age now. All the high emotions are draining of energy.

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