To say this was an emotionally draining week was an understatement. Between TOO MUCH family, and my daughters prom and graduation, my mind is toast. Of course, in four years of High School my daughter never forgot anything. So yesterday, we were on the subway going uptown when she realized that she forgot her NHS sash…..yeah- I did a subway U-turn (luckily we realized at a stop where I could easily reverse my steps) and made it back with time to spare. Nothing like a little drama on graduation morning.


I am grateful for every teacher, staff, administration, mentor, and coach my daughter has ever had- and the NYC DOE. My child received a brilliant education via the public school system and they are the most under recognized people around. Thank you to every single one of them that helped my daughter into the outstanding young woman that she has become


OK- this one not so easy. I was not the calmest person this week- bordering on passive aggressive, or just plain old non engagement. This was a very tough week to not lose my cool. I did write to a friend “You may need to visit me in prison because I may strangle someone” which was oddly calming but not recommended as a coping strategy.

37 thoughts on “Gratitude and Calm June 22

  1. Congratulations on a job well done, mom! And Congratulations to your daughter as well!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    I echo your gratitude for teachers! They are awesome and not recognized nor paid enough. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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  2. Teachers are the most un recognized, underpaid of all the jobs. And many of them love and take care of their students, barring those that we read about on internet. Congratulations to your daughter and you, because you are her first teacher- perhaps her all the time teacher.

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  3. Perhaps you and daughter need to have a mom-kid day soon to simply do something you both enjoy, but the craziness behind you and recharge for the next round πŸ˜‰

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  4. Funny! Thank you for appreciating public school teachers. I have been one also for about 5 years. You meet some great kids and some challenging ones. I have always been hired by the more challenging schools. so I guess the admin felt I was up to it! It is wonderful when you get a student like your daughter and her friends! It sounds to me like she was at an academically challenging and highly rated school in the NY system. I wish her the best.

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  5. Hopefully it will be a while before you have to have some more extended family interaction. We try to keep that to a minimum as well and fortunately the in-laws live in another state so it gets less and less as time goes on. I agree that a relaxing day with daughter is required before the moving gets going. That was a lot to go through in a short time.

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  6. Congrats to your dear daughter!! Wish her wonderful things to come!
    Oh No about the being hard to be calm. Really glad that you didn’t go to prison and hope things get calmer soon! 😊

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