In my daughter’s common app essay, she wrote about her morning routine on test days. One of the things she discussed was how she always eats the quintessential NYC sandwich, the egg and cheese on a roll. She has always gotten the sandwich from the bodega across the street.

Alas, somewhat fittingly, between her last AP exam and today, the bodega has shuttered its doors. Instead of “Open 24/7” the sign now reads “Closed Permanently”. So today, on her final day of High School, my daughter and I are going to the bagel store for the final sandwich of her high school career.

Insert heavy sigh.

Last night my daughter practiced her graduation speech, as she is one of the two students chosen to speak. As I have done countless times before with debate and law team, I listened to her speech, keeping my eye on the timer to make sure she doesn’t exceed her allotted maximum. I’m hoping that I’ve cried enough at the practice so that I don’t cry during the speech at graduation. I’m already worried that I will be ugly crying anyway…

What are the chances that I will not be hysterical at some point during the day?

I know with every ending there comes a beginning. My daughter has a roommate and a place at a college that she is thrilled to attend. She already has homework and has already turned in about twelve short essay answers for various programs that she would like to be a part of.

She hasn’t officially ended yet her new life has already begun.

I look forward to my new freedom (trust me- I’m looking forward to a hotel room, with beautiful antique furniture and a cozy fireplace, yet a thoroughly modern jetted tub in the bathroom) I am thrilled that I do not ever need to pack another lunch again. No more parent teacher conferences. Huzzah. Somehow though, I think I will still be getting Google Docs and being asked to proof something…

But for now, I’m going to set up the dining room table with some 2019 paraphernalia. I have to run out in the rain and grab the ice cream cake for later on (if it’s made correctly- the whole trip to Basking Robbins is a blog post in itself) and walk the dog.

And then I’m going to watch my daughter graduate.


53 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Congratulations to your daughter!!! Today will be a special day for everyone in your family. 😁

    Also I can’t get over the fact her sandwich bodega closed. Wow.

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      1. You know…one of my friends just asked that question on Facebook cause I posted the video. I cried, but I guess my daughter has practiced it so much I was ok

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  2. Enjoy every second of this day LA. It is momentous in so many ways. I remember a proud smile that wouldn’t leave my face all day, even through some tears.

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  3. Wonderful to hear! I respect the breakfast tradition. I always loved my cup of coffee in a certain New York bodgea with the blue and white coffee cup on the days I had lots planned. You will have more space! Congrats again.

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  4. LA,

    The egg and cheese sammy on a roll is something I took with me when I left NY. Still a breakfast favorite.

    Things will change, indeed. But the changes will bring new experiences for everyone and the happiness will remain, which is what matters most of all. I think these milestones make us look at the passage of time and maybe dwell on it a little bit. But I prefer to look at my kids and see how happy they are. That’s everything.

    Peace and happiness to you and your family on this special day.

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  5. How exciting! New beginnings. Congratulations!
    And, Just so you know, you will certainly be asked to continue to proofread. At least in the first year. My younger son would send me via email some of his essays his first year of college. That stopped, and then he’d often send me his finished papers that were already graded just to keep me in the loop. Now, he’ll sometimes send me a script he’s written to proofread and ask for my input. It’s always nice to be needed. Your daughter will continue to need you in different ways as she grows and matures. At first it’s weird. But you’ll get used to it.
    One thing my youngest still does (he’s 30), is call when he’s sick. He calls me Doctor Mom. He will ask my advice on a “mom remedy” before he’ll go to a doctor. I have to tell him “Try this or that. If it doesn’t help then go to the doctor! “ But it’s kind of cute that he thinks I have this medical knowledge. Once he was at work and put me on speaker. “This is a call for Doctor Mom. My fried Devon isn’t feeling well what should he do, Mom?” So, I’ve actually been asked to give advice to people on set. Keep in mind they have medics on movie sets but my son still thinks I’m more reliable. How cute is that? Ya gotta love it! ❤️
    Hang in there… it will get easier. I was an emotional mess when my youngest left for college. 😪 You will always be needed in one way or another.

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  6. I love graduation! So much joy and hope and happiness (I work at a college and it’s my favorite day of the year!) Let those tears fall!! They will be tears of joy, and sadness and gratification that you have successfully launched your baby. Congrats, Grad Mom!

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