The Week that was….

  1. The best highlight of the week was the new Mom lunch for my daughters college. It was held at a well renowned restaurant in NYC, so the fact that I got to have a fabulous lunch was a highlight in itself, but I also got to meet the Mom’s of my daughter’s future classmates. Most of the people seem nice, though as a public school Mom I felt a little out of my league and the vast majority of the kids attended private school. There was one Mom I met briefly but really felt a connection to. Oddly, when my daughter was going through the roommate finder thing, the daughter of this woman came up as a possible match. I thought that was a sign of sorts as the young woman seems really nice.
  2. There was an opportunity to get Met tickets for free by taking a survey from the Mets- took the survey- two free field level tickets. Of course, Mets were winning 4-2 going into the top of the ninth, rain delay, we left, Cardinals tie the score, game suspended and they eventually lose. But a good night anyway….


Jackson Pollock MOMA – for Jim
Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh MOMA
Citi Field

32 thoughts on “Highlights June 16

  1. I share the joy you feel in your lovely daughter’s accomplishments. I am certain she will enjoy the next stage of her life.
    None of us should ever feel “out of our league”.
    God is our Father, and sees us all equally, through his great eyes of love. 🤗

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      1. My daughter said the same thing. I guess they’re just thinking weather wise people want to be outdoors now, but you miss the tourist season….my daughter wanted to get one last look at Starry Night…..

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  2. I would love to see that VanGogh…..esp after seeing the movie Vincent. I was at the MOMA in the 80’s but don’t remember much as it was a whirlwind tour of NY. Hopefully your daughter gets that nice roommate.

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  3. Interesting – I only briefly met my daughter’s roommates in college when we were getting her settled in and never met all the parents. I knew some parents when she was in high school but mostly they were of the kids that she’d known since grammar school. I never met the parents of new high school friends. Wonder if that is because I am not great at social interactions?

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      1. That’s awesome! My son’s college just orientation for us that’s where it ended. Basically, your kids are adults now, back off and we won’t tell you anything if you call. Lol. I guess it worked out ok, he graduated and is a healthy adult! 😁

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      2. This isn’t really the college, though a rep from the college was there. This is a parent run parent group. But it was nice to meet other parents!


      3. I’m (I guess) an extroverted introvert. If I’m in a small group of people I know really well I’m the loud one. In the situation like last week, I’m the quiet one who’s standing in the corner with her iced tea. I am not one of those people who travels in a flock…But in certain situations I’ll put myself out there, like this. I know my kid, who is like me, needs to do this soon, so it’s solidarity

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  4. You are not out of your league. They are out of their league. They can’t compete with YOU, not even close.

    Hear me out. All those parents sent their kids to elite private prep schools and spent tons of moneys on getting their kids into the same school that your kid got into WITHOUT ALL THAT MONEY SPENT AT AN ELITE PREP SCHOOL!

    Well done, mom, you did good!

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