Today is my daughter’s last day of classes.

Which alternately means that it’s the first day of my teary journey culminating in graduation.

When I perceived the this week’s theme, I did not envision that I would write one of my most controversial blogs ever, or that the week  would become doggate. It was supposed to be about how we treat one another- which I guess it basically was.

My daughter brought home her yearbook this week, and she allowed me to read some of the things her classmates shared. As I perused this book this week, I knew how the post’s this week would end.

As I read through I noticed a lot of “hard working” and “smart”. The NHS President thanked her for being the best Secretary, and realistically, best President, ever. But along with all the expected tributes to her intelligence and work ethic, I also noticed these:

  1. Thank you for playing Mariokart with me before school sometimes. I know you get to school early to do work, but you always took time out if I looked lonely
  2. I remember walking into a class where the desks where formed into tables. I was sitting alone and instead of joining your friends, you sat with me.
  3. Thanks for making me feel welcome to the tennis team. I was so happy that you sent me a text over the summer telling me that you would meet up with me to go to the first august practice. I was scared and you helped me out.
  4. Thanks for being best law team captain. You always helped me when I would freak out.
  5. Thanks for helping me study
  6. Thanks for proofing my papers
  7. Thanks for always answering my question no matter how stupid
  8. Thanks for being a great listener
  9. Thanks for being a great friend
  10. You have a great smile and you use it

There were more, but you get the gist. Sure, my kid works really hard. She gets good grades. She is involved in many aspects of school life. But she also took the time out to be nice. She took the time out to make sure people felt included. She tried to make people feel a little less scared. Maybe she made someone’s day just a little bit better….

I have done many stupid things in my life. I have not always been the best wife, mother, daughter or friend- my imperfections abound. But somehow, even though I feel like I continually screw up or let others down, I have managed to impart the good parts of me to my daughter. And as I have very few good parts, this is almost miracle status.

Somehow I have managed to show her how to be a decent person, who has self confidence, yet is able to be empathetic and kind. Just don’t ask me how I did it, because I have no idea….. .20190614_0736306037526881733892812.jpg

71 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. Remarkable comments about a teenager. That is one impressive young woman you’ve got there, LA. We can all look forward to hearing about how she decides to make her mark in the world. She already instinctively understands how to make a difference to others. Bravo and good luck to her. And … tell her that her mother will be fine! 😏

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  2. This is sooo wonderful. I mean, that’s what we do, we parent them and hope the best parts stick. And it sure looks like you have managed that.

    This isn’t the end. It is and it isn’t, but really, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter. You will both enjoy it, and I look forward to reading all about it. ❤

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  3. Having a young adult who genuinely shows compassion and caring for other humans is a curious thing. How much is nurture-learned from her social circle of family and even friends, and how much is nature-her own unique ability to know what is right and lead her life with an outward, respectful, caring focus.
    Clearly she is the kind of young person our world needs… congrats LA!

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      1. Take credit, go ahead. You have been her role model. You’ve been there for her, supported her emotionally, done everything within your power to meet her needs and luckily she turned out beautifully. Of course she is who she is…. but your influence helped shape her. So pat yourself on the back for a moment and enjoy this special time. You’ve done more than you can ever imagine.

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  4. You done really good mama!

    Your daughter has smarts AND soul, which is an unbeatable combination. Those comments speak to a girl who is well beyond her years where it matters most. Very impressive.

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  5. I believe you can take credit for raising such a kind-hearted young woman, as well as being smart. I agree with SorryLess, this is an unbeatable combination that will take her far in life. She sounds like a lovely young woman. I understand your position because I’ve been there…twice. It’s a bittersweet time sending your children out into the world. All we can do is give them the tools to succeed. It’s up to them how they use them.

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  6. Those moments of being a parent when you feel like you actually did something right are kind of amazing and wonderful. It is even more so when you see that same positive impact your kid is making on others.

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  7. How wonderful. So glad to know there is a person like her in the world. I know that she will inspire others to be like her and that is comforting in this crazy time. You (and your hubby) did a great job leading by example I’m sure. Congrats to all!

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  8. It’s a tough transition in life to send your child off to do what they are meant to do, with the skills we’ve spent years teaching them. It sounds like she’s more than prepared 🙂

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  9. Congratulations on raising a lovely young lady! This time was bittersweet for me 3 years ago when my daughter graduated from high school. I will be doing it again in a year with my son.
    I’m sure your daughter is destined for great things when she goes to college and in to the future!

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  10. This was beautiful. I got teary eyed reading it. I understand how you feel. The task of motherhood is boundless and daunting. And it’s almost impossible to get it right. No wonder mothers are so insecure.
    I remember sitting at both my sons’ high school and college graduations feeling just like you are feeling now. Proud, overwhelmed with joy, and thinking how the hell did I get so lucky? We flounder and struggle to make the right choices, we do our best to be good role models even though our imperfections seep out and we are aware of a million tiny mistakes we’ve made . And yet… these amazing kind, wonderful human beings emerge anyway. The thing it took me a lifetime to learn is that good Mother’s are too hard on themselves. We can’t be perfect, nobody is. But to raise a good person means you did more right than wrong. So congrats on getting it right! You “done good” mamma! Bravo!

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  11. What wonderful things about your daughter. She obviously gets what things are the most important. How a smile and kind deed can go so far and warm the heart! Wishing her all the best and you too! ❤ ❤ And yes I love how even when we think we are screwing up that somehow our kids still shine!

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  12. The last para made me so teary-eyed… I was on the local train and people were sneaking a peak to see what it was that made me get so emotional… you summed up every mother’s thoughts dear… God bless your daughter… 🙂 ❤

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  13. We do the best we can with what we have to work with. What you are working with is character, and you have character in spades. Nobody is perfect, we just do the best we can. Kudos to you for letting your character shine through so that your daughter sees what you value in spite of your imperfection😙

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  14. What a wonderful story to cap off the week. You are perfectly justified in being proud of the woman you reared. Congratulations, and have a great time at the graduation!


  15. Wow! An important part of having such a wonderful daughter who loves and is connected with her classmates and other folks is her Mom (and hopefully – Dad) who will always love and support her and help her to spread her wings. And btw – you will never stop being a Mom, so it’s okay to get a little worried sometimes.

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  16. What a lovely tribute to your daughter, she is a genuine, nice person. We should all strive to emulate that type of behavior. No matter how bad you perceive your day to be there is always someone worse off.

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