Yesterday you may have read about my issues with a dog in the building. I (and someone else) sent a formal complaint to the board about the dog’s aggressive behavior. The owner responded that his dog growls but has never actually attacked another dog. I was going to include the ridiculous email, but I don’t want to be held up to any privacy laws or whatever it is lawyers do. So i’ll present hearsay. Also, his pregnant wife cried.

So this is how the situation stands now. This guy is refusing to muzzle his dog because his dog hasn’t actually bitten another dog.

So now- your dog has to actually bite another dog?

Lunging, teeth bared, at a docile, non barking, 8 pound dog isn’t viewed as aggressive behavior?

Is it growling if your dog is about to eat mine?

What is he saying about pregnant women?

I wonder if at times people need a reality check. At what point do you look in the mirror at your own behavior?

My suggestion is that we sit in the lobby with our dogs. We videotape it.

Then we can have an open up a dialogue and discuss word definitions.

What kind of mood do you think I’m in today?

80 thoughts on “Muzzle who…..

  1. We can sense your mood, and your reasons for it. Growling and teeth baring are menacing behaviours . Thank you for speaking up.
    Bullying occurs, even amongst dogs.
    Hopefully the situation can soon be resolved.

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  2. Out of the realm of biting dogs, the same weird principle is in existence in other areas of concern. For instance I can’t tell you how many places we’ve lived (so it’s not local-specific) where there are high traffic accidents with documented high numbers of near-misses on fatalities in traffic intersections due to lack of stop sign/traffic light/warning signs/take your pick of reasons….Petitions for action to address those concerns are not considered until, you guessed it, there are a ‘significant number’ of fatalities.
    One such accident occurred that hit home for myself – a young, about to graduate High School student who I also had as a private guitar student was killed at one such intersection due to no fault of his own.

    Did anything change? Not really, but it did start the LONG ‘process’ of consideration for change. – Sigh –

    Good luck and stay cool.

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    1. Thank you! It’s just so frustrating. I live in Manhattan so there’s obviously a lot of traffic and a lot of pedestrians. When my daughter was in second or third grade, the peers that be decided that a good way to reroute the city bus would be to have it turn onto a street where there were three schools and about two thousand pre k to 8th graders everyday, (ans a City Park and a playground)and since in was a bus turning into a 3 lane street (which really isn’t a 3 lane because there was legal parking along both sides, so it’s basically a 1 lane, and you know, it’s a BUS) ski just started calling and emailing every single city service that even vaguely had to do with streets traffic cars and schools. Numerous times. It took a week of dogged perseverance and I believe I said what *&$#@ rocket scientist thought this was a good idea…..yeah…bureaucracy…..

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  3. The guys a jerk and quite obviously believes his position and power provide him with clear privilege. You have a battle on your hands, as I expect you already know. Your video needs to be on constantly when you’re anywhere in/around the building.

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  4. I’m going to be blunt here. The owners do need a reality check but they also need education. Dog ownership is not as simple as people assume, especially not when living in a high density building. Simple common courtesy is not a trait some people have, and the safety of all dwellers pertinent, including the furry ones. The dog may not be viewed as aggressive by the owners, but they have to accept that it is by the dwellers based on the behaviour.

    To me it sounds like the dog has anxiety issues which can and should be addressed with proper training and behaviour modification. They are however feeling attacked (and I’m not saying you are wrong, you aren’t) but because they’re defensive they’re not going to look at their own dog’s behaviour but rather at the neighbours and then challenge them.

    Taping things is fine in theory but will fuel the fire. I wish someone neutral could address the dog behaviour in such a way that everyone benefits, especially the dog. The family needs to control their pet in such a way that a serious incident is prevented. Right? Especially if they’re going to have a baby soon…

    Good luck.

    PS I have a LOT of experience with what was seen as aggressive behaviour with our dog Rusty. We had a K9 specialist train us and I know exactly what to do (note, train the humans is key since training a dog with lack of understanding what is happening is futile). Feel free to email me if you want to chat further.

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    1. Thank you! It’s one of those things that you have to be realistic and actually look at the situation. I e never complained about a dog in my building ever. I love dogs and literally play with every dog other than this one. It’s ridiculous

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  5. You should be pissed.

    Thank God I don’t live in that building, because I’d be in hot water when I told him that I was going to put a muzzle on him! LOL.

    This video idea, might as well. Also, the board needs to be pressed into action, because the idea that you WAIT for something bad to happen is ludicrous.

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      1. At which point, not only would he be liable, but I have to think the board would come under fire for having been warned about the possibility by multiple owners and doing nothing to resolve the situation.

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  6. Video tape his dog from your phone every time you see it. Eventually you will get his dog being aggressive. Video is acceptable in court. And usable in your condo situation. Just video the dog until you know NYC rules about taping people. However, I would think recording the wife having the dog off leash is evidence too. Countless times that is used as evidence in court.

    I have a ring doorbell that videos anyone who walks past my door. I sent a few videos to my management company and they got a new cleaning crew to come in. People had been complaining about the old cleaning crew but nobody had proof that they weren’t doing their job.. I sent them two videos which proved the point that the company they hired was not doing actually cleaning and that was evidence enough for them to change companies. Also, the people in my building were complaining about a resident going around and peeking in various people’s windows. My neighbors on either side of me bought a ring doorbell too. We each forwarded the videos of this nut peeking in everyone’s windows. Again, evidence to reprimand the culprit and they fined the person. So I suggest turn your video on every time you see the dog. The woman can think you are FaceTiming someone. OR, it will make her think twice about keeping her dog on a leash. Plus, if you capture its aggressive behavior you have proof. Dogs are legally considered property so you can video tape the dog. IF the wife doesn’t use a leash she’s breaking building rules and that’s technically a crime so you could capture that on your phone as well. Fight fire with Fire!

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    1. The fact that this guy thinks he’s being harassed is ludicrous. It’s mind boggling to me. We’ve had other dog owners sending us notes saying that they will do anything they can to back us up. Does he really want the whole building against him?

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  7. Ugh!! I’ve seen dog owners who will never admit their dog is aggressive or did anything wrong… even when their dog just clamped his jaw down on a smaller dog and wouldn’t let go, traumatizing and injuring the small dog. Owner was so defensive, made me sick. Sorry your experience is so frustrating!

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  8. Hmmm. Feel free to tell me to go pound sand because a) I do not live in an NYC apartment and b) I do not have a dog. But the idea of videoing the dog sounds like it will escalate the situation rather than arrive at a solution. I don’t know what the dog equivalent of getting more flies with honey than vinegar might be, but here is what I would do. Buy a chew toy or dog treat and address it to the offending horrible dog and leave it at their apartment door with a cute dog card and note that says something along these lines: “Dear [dog name]: Would you please ask your parents if they would kindly use your muzzle when you are in the [name the areas precisely: lobby, elevator, etc.]? We know you are a very nice dog, but sometimes in your doggy enthusiasm and excitement to greet us, you scare us. Thank you, [dog name]! Your fellow dogs in [Building name]

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      1. I know. And if this was a one time incident, or only with my dog it would be different. But it’s practically every dog in the building

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    1. The problem is these people are clueless. The dog has exhibited aggressive behavior since the beginning. Everyone has been trying to be nice about it, but I lost it the other day because it came so close to biting my dog that I picked up my dog to check her for injury. These people have to be completely in their own world to think their dog is not aggressive. Afterit went after my dog, ten minutes later she had the dog off its leash and it went after another dog. At this point, it must be pointed out that this dog needs intervention. I have never complained about a dog before and as stated, a year it’s been aggressive towards mine. There’s a point and I’ve reached ut

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    2. Treacy when you live in a multiple family dwelling there is a board of directors. Plus there are bylaws and rules to be followed. I live in a condo in Fl and got involved for a couple years with the board. I stopped because I didn’t want people calling me at all hrs of the day and night. Anyhow, i learned the state condo laws and by laws. The reality is the bd needs proof before they will act. A video is considered legal evidence. If multiple people have spoken to the owner first than the safety of other humans and animals is at risk. A video will expedite things so they can get the owner to get his dog a muzzle or fine him until he does. Without proof it’s hearsay. In my condo we paid a fortune for new foliage and one dog owner kept letting his dog pee on the new plants killing them. My neighbor started videos taping him with her phone and brought it to the board. After they saw who caused the problem they charged that Resident $ to replace the shrubs his dog wrecked. That was a $ issue. A safety issue is much worse and needs to be addressed ASAP. I say so what if the owner is ticked. That’s better than his dog hurting her puppy.

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  9. I read both your posts and agree with you this dog should be muzzled. My first question was why and how did this dog become so aggressive? Many times, dog behavior is relevant to owner treatment and lack of discipline/training. I believe the rest of the tenants are well within their rights to demand this dog be muzzled…..or promise the board there will be a libel suite when he does cause harm. Is there another tenant that has a muzzled dog that could approach this owner and calmly talk with him about everyone’s concerns? I do hope it can all be resolved.

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    1. There is a German Shepard who has to be muzzled. They are aware that their dog exhibits aggressive behavior but they do everything possible to ensure the safety of others, including calling the doorman to tell him that they will be coming down in the elevator

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      1. That’s a fine example of a considerate neighbor and smart dog owner. Could that neighbor speak to this dog owner about why they decided to muzzle their dog and the positive results? Maybe that could defuse the situation.

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  10. It’s enough to feel you must complain if the dog has frightened or worried you – which it has. It doesn’t have to bite for it to be a public menace. If I get you right – the guy is a lawyer – well, he knows all sorts of ways to get out of this situation and his responsibility, doesn’t he? I’m getting angry just hearing about it! With you on this one.

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  11. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I hate your neighbor. This dog is going to bite someone and be put down because HE is irresponsible and shouldn’t be allowed to own animals. Period. When a dog is exhibiting these behaviors, it is for a reason. Like a commenter above, the dog is probably experiencing anxiety. Likely due to living in an apartment.

    My dog was afraid of men. While she never bit anyone, she often barked and tucked her tail. As her owner, it was my responsibility to teach her that not every male that approaches is a bad guy, and she doesn’t need to be afraid if I allow that person near us. It took months of training. She still gets a little nervous, but she isn’t aggressive. Now, I calmly warn anyone approaching her that she has anxiety of new people, and I always carry cookies so that person comes off as less of a threat.

    This is what it takes to be an animal owner. Knowing the animal, behavior and what it all means. I feel horrible for you. I also feel horrible for this dog. He is clearly not getting what he needs.

    Good luck to you.

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    1. Thank you! It’s frustrating because it’s happened for a year, but the other day it was so close to biting my dog because I wasn’t aware they were ompn the elevator. If I see the dog I know to move out if the way

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      1. So frustrating! Ugh. You shouldn’t have to worry about your dog or yourself where you live. I hope the complaints lead to a positive outcome!

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  12. I am baffled as to what the pregnancy has to do with the dog? Pregnancy is not a get out of jail free card. These people are idiots, they do realize if they let the situation get to the point that the dog actually bites someone (dog or otherwise) there is an excellent chance the dog will get put down? And they will get sued and spend a lot of time and money in court? Don’t you have animal control in NYC? Call and file a formal complaint. Better yet have several people do it. Start documenting and be specific. The owners have a choice, muzzle the dog, get rid of the dog or move. Seems pretty black and white to me.

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      1. Ah, the evil menopausal witch making the young fertile princess cry…Tell him you were just making his wife feel the way your dog feels! You should growl at her every time you see her! (I know, I know very immature of me.)

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    1. Wait a minute – there’s an idea in that! A whistle, air horn – something loud that you can use so when the dog makes a move, you react with that. It has to be obnoxious so you train both the dog & the owner at the same time. 🤣😉

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  13. I am a dog owner. We are not all the same. There are some ignorant dog owners who just don’t get it. And I don’t think they care…unless a situation arises that forces them to care. Evidently it’s true: you can’t fix stupid.

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  14. I’m so sorry they’re being so unreasonable! Don’t they realize the liability if their dog actually does bite another dog or person? Maybe the threat of a lawsuit would help? They aren’t doing their dog any favors to allow him to act that way, either.

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    1. I have an update. The guy went up to a bunch of dog owners in the building. Everyone he asked said that his dog has acted aggressive towards their dog on numerous occasions. So, they bought a muzzle…..but how clueless can you be?

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