Very busy in my house- and my mind is whizzing and…you know….

But- we had out summer tea event with my tea club which was incredible! 20190608_1625064050819773677481924.jpg

The Lowell Hotel in Manhattan has a charming room, The Pembroke, and they do a lovely tea. This event was championed by Pret a Portea, the tea society I belong to. What can be better than spending a few hours drinking tea and eating scones!!!!

38 thoughts on “Highlights 6/9

  1. That sounds amazing. I love the idea of things like this, but the reality is that I’d actually have to leave the house and be around people. I think it is great that you get out and do these kinds of things.

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  2. How amazing. I want to take my teen to a tea house near us. It’s such a nice way to spend an afternoon. (My husband and I just inherited a set of book shelves from his Grandma Stella when she moved from her mobile home. I turned it into a tea hutch. Will post a photo some time!)

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  3. Oh my goodness! How fun! My daughter and I have often had little teas together. Sometimes fancy, sometimes cozy. One of the many things I miss about having her home… though we do sometimes share a cup of tea over the phone.

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      1. We do afternoon tea quarterly, and we have a book club, with tea and cookies, about five times a year. Books all contain a reference to tea

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