Ok- many highlights as the weather gets nicer. But clearly, the winner this week is my little garden:

Homemade pizza with my own basil!!!
The garden before I chopped off some herbs
My herb frittata- yum….served with crรจme freche and chives- the chives were not my own though, neither were scallions that I put in frittata

67 thoughts on “Highlights 6/2

  1. The garden is looking really nice! If you brush basil leaves lightly with olive oil, you can freeze them. It isn’t quite as good as fresh, but it is better than dried and works in a lot of recipes. When I actually had a basil plant, I stored a ton of leaves that way.

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      1. I never did the oils because I didn’t feel like I used enough to make it worth it. Other herbs will store differently, it just depends on the herbs. Granted, I think most would do well in an oil infusion.

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      2. My guess Iโ€™m going to use the other herbs a lot, though Iโ€™m going to switch out the mint in the fall. Thinking rosemary or sage. Havenโ€™t decided yet. I wanted to test this out to see how it worked and if I like it

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    1. Itโ€™s so fun growing the herbs! And it was! I pulled the herbs in the food processor with a tiny bit of olive oil before I added them to eggs


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