Lots to bother me this week….including an hour and a half with spotify because my account got hacked….really…spotify…. but also lots of good:

My Daughter received two writing awards this week. Obviously grateful for that, but also grateful that even though awards were presented at two separate ceremonies on the same day, they were at different times and we were able to make both.

My calming moment was sleeping in a little longer when I had a sinus headache. Sometimes you take the medicine and lie back down for a bit. Calming instead of rushing.

34 thoughts on “Gratitude and Calm 5/25

  1. LA – I started Daisy and the Six last night….and it is okay. I’m only two chapters in, and it’s certainly readable, but I’m wondering if I want to commit to 350 pages of sex drugs and rock and roll. While I was a teenager in the 70’s and listened to the music of the day, I was not that into music, and I went to a catholic high school, so not sure I can relate to the subject matter! Should I continue with the book? Did you find it a worthwhile read? Is there a story line of some type or is it just a bunch of interviews? I know it did get good reviews on Goodreads.

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    1. I really enjoyed it, but, it is about 70s rock and sex and drugs. But, in the middle of it I found a story of a man and a woman and how their lives intertwined. I liked the way it was presented, documentary style, and I loved the multiple perspectives of the same situation. I thought it was worth the read, but if you’re eh about it it’s probably not worth the read. I just thought it was different and fun

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      1. I will persist then. I am in the middle of a kitchen design project for a small kitchen with a small budget and am already asking myself why I am doing this, so my reading time has been limited lately. Just telling myself it will be worth it to get rid of those 50 year old cabinets! I would love to sit outside on the deck some day and read but it seems to rain everyday!

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that. I have had a few doosies myself as far as bad headaches go. I had one a couple of weeks back and wondered if I would make it through the night. It’s incredible how bad a headache can get and then finally go away like nothing ever happened.
        I’m glad you’re feeling better now. 🙂

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  2. Congrats to your daughter on her awards!

    My “My Fitness Pal” was hacked last year, which I also thought was quite weird. I realize it probably led the hacker to something else of mine, so I ended up changing nearly all of my passwords (again). But still, an exercise app? Makes about as much sense as your Spotify account.

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      1. In my case, I got an email from My Fitness Pal (different from the ones they sent to all of their users about the earlier breach into their system). No long-term problems that I know of; but then I’d already froze my credit as a result of the Equifax breach. Fun times we live in, eh? – Marty

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      2. About a week ago I got an email from spoxtify saying that I needed to update my payment method. I knew that was ridiculous, and 8 deleted and ignored it. Then I noticed an odd playlist in my list which I deleted. Next day I couldn’t get into Spotify because my password was changed. And that’s when I got in touch with them, which was an ordeal

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      3. Oh… sometimes I notice strange things on my Iphone, screens opening that I did not open. Need to stay diligent in checking things. Thanks for the reminder! Too bad, we can’t just “enjoy” the Internet. So much hacking.

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  3. Last week was one of those weeks for hubby and me. We began moving furniture, ripping up carpet, and laying vinyl plank flooring. The two of us. By ourselves. We’re 72. On Wed. 22, 2019, our car was wrecked. Now our house is wrecked, our car is wrecked, and the truck won’t start. Insurance is moving slower than molasses. Good news, no one was hurt and we’re still making progress with the flooring.

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  4. Many congrats to your daughter! Somehow, the Spotify doesn’t surprise me as spammers and scammer always seem to find a way to track me down, no matter what platform I’m on. Always love to hear about having gratitude for the many blessings we receive. I added another section to my gratitude journal I call evidence or affirmations where I note some of the little observations that I have during the day that seem to confirm that all is well, or that add another lesson in life. So much we miss if we’re not looking for it.

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