Sometimes you have monumental highlights that are incredible, and sometimes you can be just as excited about something small.

The Big Highlight- One of my friends daughters graduated from Medical School on Friday. To say that I am thrilled and excited for this amazing young woman is an understatement. She has worked her tail off for this since she was twelve years old. Just awesome.

The little- A new mini Target opened up recently in my neighborhood- they sell organic milk with the easy open top at a reasonable price. Yay.

Theme this week: Expectations

26 thoughts on “Highlights 5/19

  1. I have never heard of a mini target! We need one… My little town doesn’t have a Target 😭. I’d settle for a mini I think.

    That’s wonder about your young friend! It’s exciting to see a new generation emerge!

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    1. Thank you! The mini targets began opening here last year or so. They have small sections of things, almost like highlights…’s perfect!


  2. Had to comment as this post just mirrored my day! Have been feeling a bit down lately but a mini Waitrose has just opened near my house and I was wandering around it this morning with the biggest smile on my face…the little things indeed! 😁

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