This has been a busy, yet wonderful, couple of weeks.

I am most grateful for pineapple. I recently read that pineapple has some property that helps relieve you of sinus congestion. So as I had a stuffy nose and post nasal drip thing going on, I went out and got pineapple (which happened to be super delicious) and I felt a little better. Not sure of the science behind it, but it was tasty. Obviously, also grateful to growers pf pineapple and those who are able to deliver it to my not so tropical locale.

The most calming thing I did this week was to leave my house fifteen minutes early so I could get to a park and read outside on a beautiful day before I had an appointment. Fifteen minutes was just enough time for me not to feel rushed leaving, yet still give me a little time in the sun.

20 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday May 18

  1. I believe that pineapple is also helpful with digestion, although I could be confusing it with something else!
    Pineapple always brings to mind rum, and those two always bring to mind Pina Colada’s. I think I need a vacation πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes…supposedly it’s also good for digestion! Enzymes or something. I had a rum drink at dinner last night….with passion fruit but still yummy….go get a pina colada….


  2. Pineapple and papaya are good for improving her blood health, too. I have low platelets and use both to keep my numbers up.
    I have also been known to indulge in a nice pineapple martini, too, but we don’t have to tell my doctor that part!
    Glad you feel better.

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  3. I never knew that about pineapple! I did know that the pineapple is a symbol of welcome and friendship in Virginia. Sailors would bring them from exotic lands and display them on their home fence posts to let folks know they had returned and were ready to share in the bounty.

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