The highlight of my week was clearly receiving my aerogarden. There are three things that annoy me about my apartment: no jetted tub, no laundry in my apartment and no room to grow herbs. Well, hopefully my daughter has found a way to make one of my dreams come true.20190512_1005477660875302356244784.jpg

This is a not so great shot of my new aerogarden- sorry-

Basically, you fill the tank with water, add plant food, add the seed pods (in my case I have thai basil, Genovese basil, thyme, curly parsley, mint and dill) cover the pods with those little covers, could set up the lights and poof- in a few weeks I should have sprouts!

The lights come on automatically for about 15 hours (I set it up to start at 730 am) and then shut off.

So far so good.

If this works I will play around with what herbs I will grow. I don’t really need thai basil, and I could probably use oregano, or maybe rosemary or sage in the fall.

But we’ll see…


40 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. I’m interested in how this comes out. you can alway get a planter box and a grow light and set it up like I do for the herbas that you also want to grow.

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    1. This particular one is Goodful, which is the buzzfeed brand and she got it at Macy’s. She got me the six pod size but they have smaller and larger ones

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  2. FYI… Sage can get HUGE! Same with some basil plants (no clue what variety I had). I’m talking small bush size. Granted, they will be somewhat restricted because of the size pots they are in. I loved having fresh basil, but I never got around to replanting as it didn’t come back. My sage did until it got to big for it’s space and we had to pull it out. Love this idea, though. If I didn’t have a yard to plant things in, I’d have to have something like this.

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    1. I’m thinking of which herbs I use the most. I never use Thai basil, but as it came with the kit I’ll try it. I think it will be somewhat contained, but who knows!!

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