Hi everyone. As I’m sure my mom has expressed to you in multiple blog posts, I am her daughter, a high school senior, and I am very busy. And although her birthday had to fall at the height of all my AP exams (thanks Mom), this is something I am happy to do since frankly, every single day my mom is busy attending to one of my, many, needs.

Now applying to college is stressful and one of the most trying aspects is something known as the Common App. As a seasoned college applicant, I can now laugh at the Common App and the many horror stories it details. But as a worried high school senior in August, figuring out what to write for my Common App essay was extremely difficult. Surprisingly, I ended up writing about my morning routine and the various quirks that make my routine different. I discussed what music I listened to, what I ate, etc. But there are some things I did not include.

-Although my alarm does typically wake me up, on those mornings where I hit snooze one too many times, my mom’s comforting voice is always there to ensure I am out of bed.

-The best part of waking up is actually not Folgers. Instead, it is my mom bringing my folgers as the light slowly enters my window.

-My lucky t-shirt, which I wear on big test days, is something my mom encouraged me to buy. When I accidentally forgot my lucky scarf on state test day, my mom was quick to text me a picture and ease my nerves.

-Since the beginning, my breakfast has always been provided by my mom. When I was younger, chocolate chip pancakes were my go-to. Now, I prefer the New York City staple of an egg and cheese. No matter what time I need my breakfast, my mom is always there to make or buy it.

-While makeup comes slightly easier now, when I first started learning makeup, my mom was right alongside me blending my eyeshadow and fixing my cat eye.

My love of Youtube I developed all on my own. But, my mom has joined me at all my fangirling events (Bookcon, youtuber meet-and-greets, or movie premieres).

-After saying goodbye to my dog and cat, I say goodbye to my mom. She always knows what tests I have, what I am doing after school, and I am consistently able to walk out the door recognizing just how much love I am given.

It’s hard to imagine that in a few months my mom won’t be standing at the door screaming “don’t forget your lunch!”. I’ll miss her warm dinners, her excitement over books and movies, and her enduring love for me. In all that my mom has prepared me for, she hasn’t prepared me for a life without her.

So mom, I will try to do my own laundry and I will probably call you to ask you questions about how to use a stove. But I will also call you to hear your opinion on the Oscars and the latest New York Times Bestsellers. And I will call you because I love you.


hank you mom for making my mornings, and afternoons and evenings go smoothly. I love you more than I love youtube.


Your favorite daughter

60 thoughts on “Guest post: my daughter

  1. This is so awesomely sweet! I really didn’t need to cry this morning, but this made me. I couldn’t help it. LA, you are one lucky mom that your high schooler not only recognizes all these things, but appreciates them. Daughter, if you haven’t figure it out yet, I’ll give you a little hint. You don’t have to lean to live without your mom. She will always be your mom. Your mom just helped you to get to where you are so that you can do all those kinds of things yourself, knowing she provided the foundation and strength to do them. She will always be there if you aren’t certain. Good luck on entering this next phase!

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  2. Awwww That is about the best Mother’s Day gift you could ask for. What a lovely and appreciative daughter you raised! Well done. I have to say, it got me a little teary eyed. She’s all ready for college, but also smart enough to know that she will always need her mom in some capacity.
    Thanks for sharing. You and your daughter both get an A+! ❤️

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  3. That is so sweet and the just the right note I wanted to read before I started my day.
    Can we ever prepare them to lead a life without us? As a mother, I think I am selfish in wanting them to miss me. By being there and taking care of things, I am making my presence felt as much as my absence noticed. This is a thought I would like to ponder upon.

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  4. Soooooo sweet! Do call her, often. About anything. It means so, so, so much. Funny snapchats work, too (my daughter and I both do this and we’ve learned not to open them in a public setting–LOL). This is a lovely post! You both are very blessed to have such a deep appreciation of one another.

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