I don’t think you know this, but my daughter is going to college in the fall….

Ok- you got me. I talk about this a lot. You have been with me through campus visits, prepping for interviews and my general whining about the whole process. You’ve listened to me blather on about the law suit against Harvard, the admissions scandal and the whole early decision conundrum. But here’s the outcome:

After MUCH consideration, my Daughter chose a college!

Cue the noisemakers and un helium filled balloons…

She ended up being accepted by seven colleges, waitlisted at one and rejected by a few. Luckily she was accepted at two of her top choice schools. But, that proved to be a little tough: in her mind and on paper, these two schools were dead even. They are the size she prefers, located in urban areas and have excellent reputations. They are located in the same area of the country, and almost equidistant to NYC. They both have very good rankings according to most sources that rank schools. They have department upon department to help with internships, fellowships and research opportunities. They both have great placement into graduate schools upon graduation. Small class size. Well appointed campuses. Law teams. Club tennis. Volunteer opportunities. They were virtually the same.

So how do you make a choice? How did she make a choice?

She attended accepted students days for both schools. Very impressive displays out on by the schools. All the bells and whistles. Swag. Once they accept you, they want you.

In the end, her choice came down to one school being slightly better for her interest base, which is history, government and political science. It is also located in Washington DC. The thought of interning there is a dream. The ability to wander over to the Supreme Court while they are in session? Priceless. For a kid who loves the law, this is the place to be.

She did say that turning down the other school was a tough choice. She knows she would have received a first class education there. But, she’s confident with her decision. She knows in her heart she has made the right choice.

Now, the reality of college begins. For us, when we had to wire the deposit last week. For her, in was last Wednesday when her school had Decision Day, and all the students wore their new college t shirts and took pictures with one another and cheered each other.

There’s Facebook. My Daughter has never been a big user of Facebook, but quickly realized that much of the pre college happenings happen on Facebook. She’s getting up to speed as quickly as possible.

Then there’s the other stuff- the more academic things. My Daughter is getting ready to apply to the pre orientation programs. yes- there is competition right off the bat: 250 word essay please on why you belong in the pre orientation program.

We’ve booked a hotel for parents weekend. We’ve been invited to the parents only page. A whole new chapter is about to begin. I congratulate my daughter for twelve years of hard work. I look forward to the next chapter in her life. And the next chapter in mine.

65 thoughts on “The Decision

  1. What a huge milestone! And Washington isn’t that far for you to go see her or vice versa (relatively speaking). πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to a whole new dimension of parenting! πŸ™‚

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  2. Now the fun begins! I know this will sound cliche, but try to take the time to enjoy all this lead up to the big day when you drop her off because it really does go by like lightning. Take in all the glimpses into her new world and tuck them away for yourself to spend time with when fall arrives and she isn’t a constant presence at home. And think of all the excitement you can have in DC when you have the opportunity to visit her!

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    1. You have no idea how excited I am that she’s going to be in DC!! I’m trying to file away the memories…but…you know….


  3. Congratulations to her! And to you!

    But a competition to get into pre-orientation? Whaaa…? How about this for her essay: “I am going to be a freshman at your institution. I do not want to get lost on the first day of classes.” Think that will work?

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    1. Everyone gets regular orientation. This is a special thing. There are five programs you can apply to (I think) she’s applying to the leadership one and the community service one


  4. Congrats to your daughter!! Next year I will be going through the whole decision making journey as well and all that comes with it. Thanks for kind of paving the way. πŸ™‚
    Sounds like she did pick the right place for sure if she wants to go into Law and I think that is a great profession! We need all the honest, good hearted lawyers we can get! πŸ™‚

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  5. My daughter is only a short Metro ride away from DC. It’s a great location for her as she is also History and Government and Politics. She would love to eventually get an internship at the Smithsonian.

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    1. It’s a great area. She was going to end up in dc or Baltimore, and in the end the glamour won out. And the American studies program


  6. Congrats! It has got to be a massive relieve to have that decision made and that whole part of the process behind you. I’ve seen all your posts on this and it makes me incredibly grateful that my son is going to stay relatively local with state schools (still has to decide between 2) and that he doesn’t have quite so many hoops to jump through. He still has time as he is only a junior, but he is making things so easy for us as parents. Good luck to your girl!

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  7. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Our oldest heads off to U of A in August. We went to Accepted Students Day, he has orientation the Monday after he graduates HS, and we have his dorm move-in date. I’m FREAKING out!! And I just can’t imagine our house without him in it every day, but I’m so excited for what’s ahead for him.

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    1. I Know! My daughter is starting to get dates and programs and everything! I can’t even believe it’s happening so soon!


  8. What! H is going to college!! Congrats and enjoy your time before, during and after. As you know it flies by:::(!


  9. I’m glad she is happy with her choice and that she got into the college she wanted. Her life, and yours, have changed, but not in a bad way at all. I look forward to reading more about the journey!

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