My Daughter arrives home late tonight. Judging from the pictures, a good time was had by all… Here’s some random thoughts from my week:

  1. Evening went by rather quickly. Saturday we spent the day at the Morgan Library. Sunday was Easter- we were at my parents. Monday- we went out to dinner. Tuesday he had a work dinner. Wednesday he played tennis and then we watched TV. Thursday I went to the theater with my Mom. We are going out to dinner tonight. Coexisting time successful.
  2. There is something to being able to do things spontaneously. Husband was supposed to go to Met game on Monday but he bailed because of rain. Tuesday he was supposed to be home but got invited to something at last minute. My Father was supposed to go to play with my Mom but wasn’t feeling well. We were able to pick up and go because my Daughter wasn’t even a consideration. It was a weird feeling.
  3. We did not watch as much TV as I thought we would- that’s what many empty nesters tell me happens- TV viewership goes up
  4. But- we have two TV’s in our apartment: one in the living room and one in my Daughter’s bedroom. I did find myself going in my daughters bedroom to watch TV at about 10:30 because I could not face any more hockey or basketball.  I can see the whole TV thing coming to fruition. Her bedroom makes for a really nice den.
  5. My Daughter texted me on Tuesday or Wednesday “Do you want to talk to me?” I responded “Sure. But why?” and she wrote back- “well, everyone has called their parents by now. I feel bad that I haven’t called.” To be fair, we had texted each other randomly throughout her stay- more housekeeping than anything else. I figured she was having fun. I didn’t need to talk to her. Funny she felt guilty though.
  6. However- I did keep my phone out at all times in case she tried to reach me. Will I ever not keep my phone out when she’s away? Will I ever not want to look at “Where’s my iPhone?”
  7. My dog got into my garbage twice this week. And proceeded to spout out of both ends. Considering college for my dog.

I know that this was easy to get through because it was a short period of time and the weather is nice. I realize that in a few months it will be a much different experience. Packing up her clothes and computer and guitar will be much harder. Knowing she’s gone will be daunting.

But I’ll survive….

44 thoughts on “Tempty Nesting: The Wrap Up

  1. my first kiddo is leaving this fall………..reading your post makes me think about how i will be able to handle it when it is my youngest……… already makes me feel sick to my stomach to think about it. sounds like so far so good…………but I love how you hung out in your daughter’s room to watch tv……….i am guessing i will be doing something similar. Bless You and this new journey.

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  2. My youngest is starting kindergarten in the fall. I know it’s not the same as empty nesting yet, but his being away at preschool has given me a taste of the empty house and wonder at life’s direction.
    It’s amazing how much I set my life to the pattern of the children.

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  3. Your phone will be a constant companion is my guess, not so much because you’re worried, but because you’re curious. Will she text you about something new, exciting? She may wait for the same from you. 🙂

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  4. Haha! I love #7
    Survival is imperative. College is just one step. Your daughter will still need you and be in your life and there will still be problems to solve and thoughts to share and trauma’s to deal with. She may not be in the next room, but the relationship with her isn’t all that different initially. I found the changes happened gradually until one day I realized that I no longer needed to parent her, even from miles away. It was startling, but even more of a proud moment for me knowing that she was entirely capable. By then I was also ready to move my life forward, and did just that!

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      1. Raising kids becomes a defining part of your personality for sure after so many years. I get the challenge of facing that question of who you can/should/want to become when they move on to their own life as an adult. You’ll figure it all out!

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  5. Hang in there. You will survive. The first year is the hardest. By the time she graduates college you will be a pro at this new phase of your life and won’t give it a second thought. It will be the norm. Sending hugs during this transition. Xoxo

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  6. Is your husband retired yet? I totally get that sports thing on tv. We have 3 tv’s, so I have my choice although sometimes my husband follows me into the little room I like the most because you can watch the street outside and then the pug follows.

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  7. The days leading up to the drop off are usually super busy with organizing things, the day you drop her off will be heart wrenching and weird, but after the first few days have come and gone you kind of fall into a new routine without even noticing it. You will miss her and there might even be teary phone calls, but welcome to a new stage in your life as well as hers. Went through it twice, different in each child.

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  8. “Do you want to talk to me?” is funny. She didn’t really wanna talk to you, but she got the sense that maybe she should’ve wanted to talk to you based on observation lol

    I think you two have a healthy relationship. This will sound very judgmental, but I think wanting/needing to talk to one’s parents or one’s children CONSTANTLY is not very healthy. To me, it’s the same as the idea that babies are supposed to learn that their parents can leave the room and return…whatever the technical name is. It’s like that, but for older children.

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      1. One day last summer my 75years young mother phoned and said, “nice of you to call and enquire how your aged parents are doing in this heat!” Tongue in cheek, but I got the message 😀

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  9. It has been a LONG time since my children went off to college. These days I’m more likely to remember the wonderful times we had whenever they came home. During college, our relationships changed as they became more and more independent. That was a fun transition. Don’t forget you have lots of things to look forward to with your daughter.

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