So a few weeks ago I had a wonderful solo overnight at a hotel. This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a few days alone at my home. My daughter and Husband were off to see the second of the colleges that my daughter is choosing between for their accepted students day. I was in charge of the pets…

Can I just tell you how much fun I had being alone?

I ate pancakes for dinner one night. And no one made a face. See I love pancakes, but I never get to eat them on a regular basis: we tend to be lunch people on the weekends and skip breakfast, and during the week I stick to eggs or yogurt. When I’ve made pancakes for dinner, my family scoffs: they don’t have the same pancake love that I do. But with no one to answer to, I made yummy pancakes and fresh strawberry sauce and I was the happiest person on earth.

I slept in the middle of the queen size bed. For the record, I’m beginning to understand why husbands and wives had separate bedrooms- you get to sleep in the middle of the bed and it really is delightful. No one snores. (and I mean that for both parties because neither of us is immune to snoring) I got to open up the shades when I woke up. I stayed up late reading because no one complained about the glare of my ereader. I made the bed as soon as I got up!!! Who knew how much better my routine would be without someone else sharing a bedroom?

The day my family left, I was texting a friend. She asked what I was going to do with my three days of freedom. Movie on Friday. Art exhibit on Saturday. Play on Sunday. G asked who I was going with and I stopped for a second. “Alone” I texted. I was going to everything by myself. I made plans and I just didn’t even think to invite anyone. Didn’t even think to invite anyone.

Admittedly, many of my NYC friends were also doing accepted student days at various colleges, so in my mind I knew that most were away. But I didn’t even reach out to my other friends…I just looked at the things I wanted to do. I searched out things that would make me happy and I totally wanted to do. I bought tickets and wrote times down in my planner. I relished the silence.

You know there was organizing involved. Drawers emptied, items tossed or donated or reorganized. I had contents all over the floor and table and no one was around to complain. I fixed the shredder and delighted in shredding junk.

Of course I read. Fun, interesting books just meant to be savored with no one asking me for anything. Even the pets cooperated- the dog not being as hyper as usual, the cat content to snuggle up next to me on the couch.

I don’t see any solo time in the foreseeable future- I see days and weeks and months of familial activity ahead. And that will be nice….I think….

But yes- there is a beauty to being alone…

I just hope I don’t get too used to it…


35 thoughts on “Alone Again, Naturally

  1. We have been known to have pancakes for dinner. I’m doing keto right now so they sound extremely fantastic! I have been experiencing some of that wonderful alone time in my new studio! I’m right in the backyard but in my own little world.

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  2. I enjoy being alone, too. Grooving to my own vibe. But then at some point I’ll want some company, which is usually more difficult than it sounds like it’d be. I don’t know about your friends and family, but mine are planners who don’t do spontaneous well. ๐Ÿ™„

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  3. I LOVE being alone so much- I deliberately cultivated it in my twenties… now at 52 Iโ€™m a little worried Iโ€™ll never be able to live with anyone again once my son leaves home… *shrugs & grins

    Iโ€™m glad you spoilt yourself so well!

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  4. It is nice to be alone and regroup. It is even better to be with someone you feel is company and yet you feel you can still be creative. My creativity best works when I am alone but I try and create when sharing a life. You must have a laser focus.

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  5. Yes to all of that! Glad you mentioned fixing the shredder – capable woman. I am in a research trip and loving my temporary aloneness. Itโ€™s like that book title โ€œHow can I miss you if you wonโ€™t go away?!โ€

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