A few weeks ago I went to the accepted students day at a college my daughter is considering. There would be two days of parent and student workshops and such, plus my daughter would have the opportunity to stayย  overnight on campus. Obviously I needed to get a room somewhere for the night.

Conveniently I was able to get a room at the hotel across the street from the campus at a reasonably good rate via TripAdvisor. Because things happen, I got an email the day before I was supposed to leave from the conduit that took my reservation: they made a mistake- they did not have the room I requested available. Would I like another room, or did I want my money back?

Well, I needed a room. And this was the only hotel not a cab ride away, so I emailed them and said I would take whatever they had- honestly- I had just booked the cheapest room- I didn’t really care where I stayed as long as it was clean, had a bed and indoor plumbing.

It turns out, the room they gave me was a two room suite with a jetted tub and a balcony.


I was going to be all alone. I didn’t have to share it with anyone.

A friend of mine said too bad your family couldn’t join you.

And I said “Are you kidding me? I just wish I had more time there.”

I finished the parent dinner and practically raced back to the hotel. I ran into other Mom’s I had met and I could tell they were itchy being alone. When we entered we all went to the bar. They ordered cocktails. I ordered a glass of milk to go….I had tea bags burning a hole in my pocket and a coffee maker just waiting to boil water. The thought of being able to drink a cup of tea without anyone bothering me was heaven.

I watched HGTV. I talked with some friends. Took a soak. Read my book. Drank hot tea. Slept in the middle of the bed.

King size bed.

Slept right in the center.

What does it say that I didn’t sleep in my “spot”?

Who knows?

Who cares?

I had a night with no responsibility.

And I loved it.

The next day one of my friends asked how my solo hotel experience went. I just smiled. It was nice not being a Mom, or a wife, or a dog walker, cat feeder, housecleaner, organized….

It was nice just being me.



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