I was talking to one of my favorite people the other night. Basically  N said, “Lighten up Francis. Stop getting so deep.” I tried to come up with another line from “Stripes” but when I couldn’t I knew what N meant. I was completely in my head, and I knew that I had to cease thinking.

So what do I do when I need to shut off my brain?

Clothes or organizing.

I have been preparing my capsule wardrobe this year, and as spring is approaching (in NYC anyway- I hear other parts of the country are expecting snow) and I was working on shoes. When I took down the box of spring shoes I realized I hated the three pairs of spring flats that I own.

Three pairs.

Hated all three.

To the point of, what was I thinking when I bought these shoes.

They are all flat and black. One has a really pointy toe and was reminiscent of those Mia shoes that we all wore in the 80’s. So maybe it was nostalgia that pushed me and those shoes to the cash register. I loved the 80’s. I loved those shoes back in the day. But through the lens of a woman of a certain age, these shoes were ugly and uncomfortable. Why do I want to wear pointy toe shoes? Especially because these were supposed to be comfortable walking around shoes. Who can walk around in a pointy toe without wincing in pain? Certainly not me. And ugly. Did I mention ugly. Donate.

The next pair are flat and have a peep toe. What is it between me and funky toe shoes? In my mind I think, well, if I need to wear flat shoes because flat shoes are more comfortable for walking around, then I might as well find ones with a little flourish. Flourish? Ha. Sure, these cute peep toes with the little rhinestone embellishment might look cute, but they are deathtraps. Deathtraps. Your toes don’t know quite where to go- are they supposed to be in the shoe? Are they supposed to peek out of the shoes? And them you get blisters and cuts on really odd parts of your feet. Donate.

The final pair confound me. They are a simple ballet flat. For the record, I love a black ballet flat for spring. They are my favorite spring shoe. Rounded toe. Cute without being overly fussy. Makes me pretend I’m Audrey Hepburn for a few minutes. And when I found these little ballet flats on sale, I thought I hit the mother load. They were soft and squishy, lightweight. I thought they were the perfect walking around shoe. Except…soft and squishy seems great. And it is great. In a household slipper. When you are walking on forgiving floors, soft and squishy is the way to go. But walking miles on city streets? Sidewalks. Concrete. The occasional cobblestone or brick? Well, then soft and squishy is a veritable death sentence for your feet. I ended up with blisters on my heels so big I no longer had an actual heel. And the pain. OMG the pain my feet would be in after wearing these shoes. Soaking them in cold water to bring down the inflammation of the soles of my feet. Donate to my worst enemy.

So how did I end up with three of the worst pairs of shoes ever?

Form and function jumbled up in my brain. I don’t always like the thought of getting older. I sometimes long for my younger days when I could wear anything on my feet and be fine. And since shoes are way more forgiving than clothes, I thought I could retain some of my youth via shoes.

Big mistake.

Sometimes you have to accept reality for what it is. I walk around a lot and my feet hurt if I don’t wear comfortable shoes suited to walking around. I might need to push form to the side a little bit more. Or I have to figure out ways of finding cute, comfy shoes.

So I donated the three worst pairs of black flats ever. My spring shoe wardrobe is a pair of white canvas sneakers, calf high black moto boots, grey toms and a shoe to be named later. I am presently searching for a comfortable ballet flat that can be worn when I need to be a little more dressed up. And when I want to feel like Audrey Hepburn.

36 thoughts on “Back to the Mundane

  1. Haha! Enjoyed this for I have had some of the same discussions looking at my shoes! 🙂 I could really use the height in heels. BUT my back says now ,but oh there was such a cute looking pair……..

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  2. I remember fondly the days of flats… now new shoes always try to lure me in with their fun colors and styles but I’ve learned the painful truth so it’s much easier to put the brakes on and say no thanks. I don’t need to be fashionable anyway. Not living in a city means my walking is focused on long exercise walks that need athletic shoes or sometimes trail/hiking shoes when I venture into the forest. The moment it gets warm enough I turn to my Clarks sandals, not for the looks but for the support and comfort.

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    1. I have a friend who is constantly buying new shoes because she complains about her feet. I told her to suck it up and concentrate on comfort. It’s not worth it the otherway

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  3. When it means hours of inflammation, you gotta go with function.

    Your post made me want to compose a poem or write a silly story of shoes; your writing was so good the shoes were almost personified. 🙂

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  4. I know, I am so particular about my shoes now- definitely all about comfort. I sold shoes for Naturalizer when I was in high school and secretly rolled my eyes at all my customers who were so picky about their shoes- now I definitely get it.

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    1. 😉toms are sort of an espadrille and a sneaker mushed together. Moto boots are traditionally boots worn by motorcycle riders, thick heel, rubber sole, zippers, but mine are a cute version


  5. I have a pair of silver shinny flats that are pointed. I have never worn them and have no idea why I even bought them. I think its time to go through my shoes. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Personally I hate shoes. I have difficult feet, wide with short toes. Not a lot of styles come in wides. I know flats should be more comfortable, but with the exception of sneakers I do not wear flat shoes. I really do not have much occasion to dress up but when I do I wear heels as I am not that tall so I like the illusion. I bought a pair of jeans awhile back that were too long but instead of hemming them I bought 3 inch heels. My favorite shoes to date!

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  7. I wear a shoe called “Fittop” as an instructor on my feet. I keep waiting to be called in because they don’t have a back but so far, no one has said anything. Very comfortable and they are great to walk in. I also have a pair of stylish black sneakers, clogs which are very comfortable, and other shoes (20) in all.

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  8. First of all, DO NOT lighten up. Writers are deep. It’s who we are. The last time a dear friend told me I was too deep I looked at her shocked and said, “Maybe you’re not deep enough! “ We both laughed and that was that. My sister tells me that all the time. Once she read something I wrote and said, “ I’m glad I don’t live in your head, no wonder you have trouble sleeping. “. I thought about it and told her I’d rather be in my head than anyone else’s. I’d be too bored. I feel empty.

    In regard to shoes… I have a problem. I’m a shoe addict. I got rid of all my super high heels a few years ago after an accident. I just can’t wear them anymore. For dress I can wear a kitten heal or wedge. But if I like a shoe I’m compelled to get it in several Colors. (I told you I’m an addict.)This winter I fell in love with an adorable soft leather bootie by naturalizer that had a pointed toe and one inch heal. I bought it in black of course, and in white. (I was so excited to have a white bootie again! It had been since the 1960’s since white boots were in vogue so I HAD to get them!). And they were incredibly comfortable. Come spring the booties were on sale and I picked up a few more colors. Lol I have a narrow foot so when a shoe is cute, comfortable, narrow, and on sale I’m a sucker for buying them. But, I don’t buy crazy shoes. I buy shoes I like and those styles last forever. I even had extra shoe shelves built in my closet. However, Once a year, i look and see what shoes I haven’t worn in more than a year and then I donate them. I do the same thing with clothing. If I don’t wear it, I donate it. There’s a place I go to where foster girls live and they are thrilled every time they see me. (I make sure I visit once a year.) They get beautiful handbags, clothing and shoes that I bought on a whim. Or I tired of using. I have noticed that as I age I can’t wear certain styles of shoes and sadly I have to let those go. 😪
    I guess I now have old feet. Lol
    And I like pointed shoes. Maybe because my feet are so narrow and they fit well. Plus they look fabulous under trousers.

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      1. Yes, comfort is key. I find I have some beautiful shoes that rarely get worn because slip on sneakers, flats or low booties are really all I wear simply for comfort. When I flew to Atlanta last summer to visit my son I only brought sneakers and a pair of black flat sandals for dress. I knew the reality then that comfort ruled my life. LOL

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  9. I never liked flats, too flat and uncomfortable and no support. I avoided new shoes for years when that pointy-toe look was in. I remember buying Easy Spirit’s or Rockports for comfort, now I get Clarks but I believe there are now many more brands of comfortable shoes, available without resorting to Birkenstocks. Loved the Audrey Hepburn comment!

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