The opposite side of the college admissions process is the college acceptance process. Sometimes you get accepted into multiple schools and you need to make a choice.

How do you make a choice?

Well, if you live in our household you make a list of all the things that are important to you in a college, and you assign each category a numerical quantity. Then you tally them up and see which school wins.

It also helps to revisit the schools in question, which is what my daughter and I are doing today.

She is torn between two amazing universities and they are almost equal in her eyes. We are currently at accepted students day at school A. Next week she will visit school B. And after visiting school B, hopefully there will be a decision!

29 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  1. It’s like an extensive, exhausting journey…almost like a saga. At least she has options and opportunities, I can imagine not everyone is in that same boat. Congratulations! You’re almost there…all of you! 🙂

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  2. Good luck! Enjoy the process and all the best to both of you. I know it all seems interminable now, but I can attest that you will blink your eyes, and you’ll be in the audience crying while your daughter accepts her degree and shakes chancellor’s hand. It’s all so fleeting. That’s why I say savor every minute.

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  3. It sounds like the decision can be an expensive proposition if you go to tour the school and have to take time off, etc. Sometimes the old days seemed easier, the first to offer you the best deal and the one with the best support (family, friends in area), safety, opportunities, etc. won with input from parents.

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    1. She’s got her pros and cons from school a. She goes to see school b next week and then she’ll compare. She’ll get a great education either way, it’s now down to which atmosphere she’ll be happier in

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  4. I hope the process isn’t too hard. My daughter just confirmed her summer job. Waiting for an answer from the one she accepted was hard……she still had to consider other options. I heard this quote “ Be decisive, right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flattened squirrels who couldn’t make a decision”. This painted the picture of her difficulty so well, we had a good chuckle over it. Thankfully she’s content with her plans, and hopefully won’t become a fatality 😉

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    1. She came away yesterday with a good list of pros and cons. She’s going to see the other school next week. On paper these two schools are very even. She’s trying to look at the details


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