Many good things this week- some not as great things. Just another week in the life…


  1. My daughter won an Scholastic Silver Key award for poetry, so we went to the ceremony. I never tire of seeing my daughter win an award
  2. I usually have a relaxing bath on Sunday nights, but I’ve been able to do it for awhile- luckily, I got to do it this week!


  1. Going through my spring wardrobe and getting rid of some things I don’t ever plan on wearing again.


  1. Gloria Bell movie in theaters. Finally a movie about a 50 something woman and what it’s like to be divorced and an empty nester and what it feels like. Great Julianne Moore


  1. Queer Eye on Netflix. The guys crack me up. They make people feel good about themselves. We all need a dose of that.


  1. Coffee with my friend- this is always a good point of any week! It was a little reminiscent because it is the Mom of my daughter’s best friend, who has been my closest city friend, and with whom I never would have survived being a parent in the NYC school system all these years
  2. My daughter actually got into an Ivy League school- this is a bit surreal, but is actually not in the running to go to because she likes other schools better


  1. saw Queen cover band “Almost Queen” ( can you imagine how excited a Queen cover band was to see a biopic about Freddy Mercury do so well at the box office) I spent a night singing along to Queen songs….seriously fun
  2. My daughter informed us that she got into one of her top choice colleges
  3. Wonderful lunch with one of my favorite people. You know how you have some people in your life that you just connect to? Yeah- when it works it’s wonderful!
  4. The  friend I met for lunch- well- we were wearing the same motorcycle boots ( and no neither of us actually owns a motorcycle) so of course there is truth to great minds think alike…


  1. Book Club- we read Laura Childs “Death by Darjeeling” The first book in the Theodosia Browning tea shop mystery series.  A few weeks ago I touched on series/sequels. In reading the first book in a series, I noticed all the things she does to set up her characters for future books, including ending where she is about to go on a first date… I read this as part of my tea book club, so our Tea infused leader was a little leery of her tea shop etiquette, but otherwise a very fun read
  2. Last week I discovered a NY Public Library of the Performing Arts. I also discovered that they do over 200 free concerts a year in the auditorium at this space. So I went to see a lovely concert of music by HAndel, Brahms, Schubert, Shostakovich ad Paganini-Meshibovsky- done in duos and trios featuring piano, violin, clarinet and a soprano. Really wonderful-
  3. Texting/emailing good friends who live far away- there is nothing better to cap off my day than talking to the people I love most in the world!

Up this week- college/admissions/the scandal….


17 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Congratulations to your daughter on the ivy league plus the poetry! 🙂 It sounds like you’ve had a magical week! May the coming one be just as good. Thanks for telling about Gloria Bell…I want to see that one too. Glad you liked it.

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  2. Juliana Moore is a good actress. I think I might like to see Gloria Bell. I’ve read some Laura Childs books but they were in her scrapbooking mystery series. Love those cozy mysteries. You had very nice week.

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    1. Laura childs is a fun writer. I’ll tell you my secret about Julianne Moore who I love! My daughter used to take gymnastic with her daughter when they were much younger. She is incredibly nice and down to earth

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